How Solar Concept tackles 10,000 conversations a month

"Ever since we use Trengo, we can automatically assign the tickets to the right team."
Solar Concept

10k conversations handled per month

Serving 196 municipalities

8.9/10 rating

Schaijk, The Netherlands
Energy & Utilities
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The team at Solar Concept, including installers, office personnel, and management needed a platform that would facilitate solar panel installations and maintenance appointments across 196 municipalities. The workflow at Solar Concept is both technical and complex. Multiple departments play a part in ensuring that their customers receive high quality installations at the agreed time and place. And despite this close collaboration, their customer communication was scattered across different channels and teams, creating duplicate work across teams and missed opportunities in their customer contact.


The Solar Concept marketing team was the first to find Trengo. They were looking for a platform that would help them engage their customers beyond the point of sale and help boost their customer ratings online. As they trialed Trengo, the wider Solar Concept team quickly found that Trengo could also help their customer service team manage all customer communication in one centralised platform. Soon they were able to to obtain all the necessary customer information, eliminating the need for customer support personnel to switch between different platforms or juggle multiple open tabs.


Today, Solar Concept successfully services and engages their 30,000 customers through Trengo. Their customer service team closes nearly 10,000 conversations per month while the rest of the team is ensures that no customer contact falls through the cracks between Sales, Planning, and Service. The seamless collaboration between teams has not gone unnoticed. Solar Concept's customer satisfaction score now sits at 8.9/10— a strong rating considering growing competition in the solar energy space.

Solar Concept


favourite Trengo functionalities

Feature ·
Gauge customer satisfaction with your service and improve your processes with automated surveys.
Feature ·
Monitor conversation volume, track agent performance, and ensure you’re making the right moves for a successful future.
Feature ·
Deliver information to customers even when your team is offline with pre-written and automated responses.
Feature ·
Compile critical customer details and ensure communications are consistent no matter what channel they're coming from.
Feature ·
Gauge customer satisfaction with your service and improve your processes with automated surveys.
Feature ·
Multichannel inbox
Gain a full overview of all incoming conversations and ensure your team can do their work efficiently with internal commenting.
'The team has the rest and peace they need, as we have a single source of truth in one interface.'
Arno Klerks
Company ·
Rolf Kok & Twan Geurts van Kessel
Company ·

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