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HR & Recruitment

Prevent inbox overwhelm. Efficiently manage all your recruitment efforts via email, Facebook, or WhatsApp from one clear and collaborative inbox.

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Easily find applicants

A great job for on-call employees or looking for applicants for a temporary job? Use Bulk-SMS or push-notifications to grab the attention of countless job seekers. Or reach out to applicants on a personal level with a WhatsApp message. Monitor all incoming applications within one clear inbox with a team of employees. The applicant can even choose how he or she sends in an application: email, social media, live chat or even WhatsApp: everything will be collected in one inbox.

Say goodbye to application forms

Using Trengo's Flowbuilder application forms are a thing of the past. By creating and activating a flow on live chat, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, collecting the applicant's information becomes easy and fun! The application is having a conversation with the flowbot, providing great information about their CV step by step. Give the conversation a personal touch by adding GIFs, emojis or even video's to the flowbot conversation.

A must have for HR and Recruitment

Applications via WhatsApp

Let applicants reach out to recruiters via WhatsApp, while receiving the messages in your inbox.

Work together in teams

Work together with teams across the country to easily exchange applicants and job offers between locations.

Personalized greetings

Is a website visitor looking at the same job offer for the third time? Reach out to him and invite him to a chat conversation thanks to smart greetings.

Everything in one inbox

Answer WhatsApp messages with questions about job offers, phone calls and application emails using one inbox.

Working everywhere you like

Use Trengo in your browser or install the app on a phone, tablet or pc to answer messages at any place.

No internal emails

Use great features like tags, internal notes and an internal chat and say goodbye to sending internal emails.

Collaboration is key

Questions as "has my colleague already answered this applicant" or "Did the applicant send a Whatsapp or a Facebook message?" belong to the past thanks to Trengo. Using one centralized inbox every incoming message will be processed by the team. Assign messages to yourself or to a colleague and make sure no applicant gets left behind.

Everywhere available

Install the Trengo application on a mobile phone or tablet and answer messages from anywhere, even on the road. Working from home or have flexible work spaces at the office? Trengo is available in the browser as well, so you can answer messages from anywhere!

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