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messageAll social conversations in one place for the team
listSay Goodbye to Email, Say Hello to Direct Messaging
desktop_windowsReceive and respond to posts via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Popular messaging channels

Everyone is using popular social media channels such as WhatsApp (new), Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, Skype, Telegram, Kik, WeChat, SMS and Viber every day. Ensure that your customer can reach the company on the most important and popular channels, arranged in Trengo.

Less calling, more messaging

The new way of communication with customers

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Push notifications rocks on the mobile

Social Messaging

Personal contact with customers in our inbox

comment  Push-notifications

Social messaging apps send push-notifications so your customer can always reads your message.

collections  Receive and send media

Receive photos, videos or locations through messaging apps.

open_in_new  Start conversation through links

Customers easily starts a conversation through a link on your site.

supervisor_account  Internal communication

You can create groups and participate in them for internal communication via social messaging apps.

reply  Autoreply

Autoreplies for incoming messages during or after opening hours.

add_comment  Attach modern channels

Add WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter & WeChat to Trengo.

The customer is everywhere

Let's customers choose the way how they reach your organization

Personal contact with customers

Being present on all social media channels

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Attach every popular channel in our team-inbox

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