4 ready-to-use WhatsApp Business bulk message samples

Sep 27, 2022
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Your sale is coming up fast already. And your mind might already be on the next seasonal sale too. Of course, you want to tell all your customers about the upcoming sales. Via the customer communication channels they use most.

But not all your customers open their emails anymore. While email in general has an open rate of around 20%. E-commerce emails only have an average open rate of 15.68%. So while most Black Friday emails will land in spam folders, they also might not even be opened.

WhatsApp however, has an open rate of above 90%. And via this channel you can, like with email, reach out to a lot of customers at the same time. You just need to use WhatsApp Business bulk messages. That's why we've created 4 very practical ready-to-use WhatsApp Business bulk message samples you can use to send all your customers their sales updates.

In this article, we will break down everything you need to know about this feature:

  • What a WhatsApp Bulk message is
  • A quick how-to for creating a WhatsApp Business bulk message
  • When to use them
  • Ready-to-use WhatsApp Business bulk message samples

First things first: what is a WhatsApp Business bulk message?

A bulk message is a WhatsApp message sent by a single WhatsApp user to multiple people at the same time. Also called a WhatsApp Broadcast message.

A broadcast message is sent from your WhatsApp Business account to multiple phone numbers at the same time. This used to be a consumer-only feature. But is now available for businesses too. Making WhatsApp also an outbound channel.

Every receiver will see your WhatsApp bulk message as a private message. So although it will look like you’re communicating in a group, your customers can’t see that the message is broadcasted. This makes a WhatsApp Business bulk message convenient for you and still personal for customers.

Next up: actually sending a bulk message of course! Check the easy how-to steps in our guide.

Tip: As you’re creating your WhatsApp Business template, keep in mind the 24-hour rule. When a customer sends you a message you need to respond within 24 hours. If you’ve missed that window, not to worry! You can use a WhatsApp Business template to restart the 24-hour clock. This will require a small fee. So it’s better to respond sooner rather than later.

When will you use a bulk message?

The best way not to spam customers and to maintain your quality rating is to stay relevant! This might sound easier than it is. But then again your goal as an e-commerce business is to support and service your customers. So just keep helping your customers in the best way possible.

You can reach out to and help your customers by sending:

  1. Promotional messages such as seasonal & holiday notifications
  2. Reactivation messages such as back-in-stock product updates
  3. Upsell and cross-sell messages such as shopping cart updates
  4. Communication and service updates such as order notifications

A WhatsApp bulk message can be the answer. In more ways than one. Your support team can avoid repetitive questions for instance, by communicating with lots of customers at once. While most importantly, it can both help your customers and activate and nudge them to finally or again put in an order.

4 of the most used WhatsApp Business bulk message samples

1. Promotional message

Are you starting a big Black Friday or Christmas sale and you want to give loyal customers a heads up? Just to spread the busy periods a bit?

The Holiday season can bring in a lot of revenue. Which is great of course! But at the same time, it can be very hectic. And ask for a lot of effort from your customer service and support team. So it can be a solution to spread the busyness. Instead of all bracing for one or two chaotic peaks.

Why not divide up your customers and send some early access to your upcoming sale?

Seasonal & Holiday notifications sample:

Hello, Black Friday is almost here!

50% or 70%? The discount on our top brands and styles is never as high as it is now.

Get early access to our Black Friday sale. And score your favorite items while you still can, long before everything is gone.

Check out the sale now: [link to website]

General sale sample:

Hello! Our [name of promotion] starts in less than [time]! All of our products will be sold at a [percentage] discount. Are you ready?

Check out our sale now: [link to website]

2. Reactivation message

Did many customers query you about an item that went out of stock? But you’ve now stocked up on it. And want to let everyone know?

Back-in-stock product updates can be great to reactivate your customers. They might’ve looked at an item but left your website because it wasn’t in stock. So let’s make sure they come back to you and not your competitor.

Back-in-stock product update sample:

Hi [name]

We have good news! The [item] you were looking at is back in stock. And ready for you to put into your shopping cart.

Don’t wait too long, before you know it it’s gone again.

Check out your [item]: [link]

3. Upsell and cross-sell message

Do you have a group of customers that previously ordered an item by a particular brand and might be interested in the new winter collection by that same brand?

It’s always clever to invest in existing customers. As the chance that you’ll up- or crossesll to existing customer is 60% to 70%. Compared to the 10% chance of making a sell to new customers.

Both cross-sell and up-sell messages can be sent both before the sale and after. So plenty of opportunities to boost sales!

Shopping cart update upsell sample:


We saw that you were browsing cocktail dresses from [brand]. You’ve got style!

Have you also considered this [brand]? It might be really up your alley.

Check out their newest collection: [link]

Shopping cart update cross-sell samples:


The plates you ordered from us are shipped and on their way. We will update you with a track & trace code within the next 24 hours!

Is your table setting completely laid out? Or would these [link glasses], or perhaps these [link cutlery] will make sure your dinner party is chef’s kiss?

Explore the entire collection: [link]



Wait! We noticed that you left your shopping cart full of cool stuff.

But before ordering, you might also want to consider adding these [link items] to your cart. To complete your purchase.

Always happy to help!

4. Communication and service update message

Does your website have a little bit of downtime? And are you receiving a lot of questions because customers can’t finish their orders?

You want to be ahead of frequently asked customer questions. Customer support teams can save a lot of time by anticipating and not repeating the same tasks. That’s why it’s always good to send them updates when something changes or happens to their order. Or when issues arise.

Order update sample


Thanks for shopping at [business name]. We’ve received your order but it’s a bit busier than usual.

Not to worry though. You can follow the status of your order here: [link]

Give us just a little bit more time until we can say: Signed, sealed, delivered it’s yours!

Issue update sample


You were doing some online window shopping when… our website went down…

It doesn’t get more annoying than that, we know!

But thank you for your patience and don’t forget to pick up where you left off: [link to website]


Get started with WhatsApp Business bulk messages

WhatsApp Business bulk messages give your teams the chance to reach a lot of customers in one go. Resulting in a lot of saved time! Answering recurring back-in-stock or sale questions, emailing the same service update or reactivation message to everyone individually are all of the past!

So choose a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider like Trengo to help you get started.

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