5 chatbot examples to inspire your website

Jul 28, 2022
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In recent years, chatbots have become increasingly popular. Logical, because a chatbot can be an extreme useful addition. For example, a chatbot ensures that:

- Customers get a response faster, even outside opening hours
- Customers are referred to the right contact person, and customer success teams work more efficiently
- Leads are collected

So it is fortunate that chatbots are becoming more accessible to businesses. For example, customer engagement platforms like Trengo already allow you to create a chatbot in five easy steps without coding.

Want to get your team started with a chatbot? At least this doesn't have to take a lot of time and effort. Because they don't have to reinvent the wheel! Get some quick inspiration on the possibilities. And check out these 5 chatbot examples from other companies. So that soon there will be a successful chatbot on their website.

Check out these chatbot examples:


Chatbot example from Vakanties.nl

The travel industry was hit hard by the corona crisis. Many people were forced to change their holiday plans and were left with questions.

- Will my trip still go ahead?
- Will I get the money back from my booked holiday?
- When will I be able to go on holiday again?

At Vakanties.nl, in response to this question overload, they have overtly deployed communication through the chatbot. In the welcome message, they immediately tell you where to find more information about travelling during the corona crisis. If you then ask if you can still go on holiday, you get an answer that is perfectly up-to-date.

So frequently asked questions are answered before customer service has to be burdened. Of course, this was more than welcome during a pandemic. But even now, it is still imaginable that overburdened customer service teams would benefit greatly from a chatbot. After all, frequently asked questions can already be overcome without spending time on them.

When you apply the example of the Vakanties.nl chatbot yourself

In times of crisis, it is important to keep your customers up-to-date. After all, many travel companies were severely criticised when they failed to respond to concerned customers in a timely manner. But customers actually always expect to be kept well up-to-date. By offering comprehensive information via the chatbot, you already overcome ambiguities among customers. This only benefits their experience!


Chatbot example from bol.com

Bol.com has had a chatbot that customers can turn to for all their questions for 12 years: Chatbot Billie. This made them one of the forerunners in the Dutch market.

As an online shop, you want people to find the product they came for. As quickly as possible. After all, consumers have less and less patience and expect a smooth customer experience. That is why Billie directs you to the product you are looking for as quickly as possible. And if he unexpectedly cannot find it, he will refer you to a customer service representative. This way, the customer service team has more time to focus on the complicated customer queries.

Billie has access to external systems such as the software in which bol.com keeps its stock and in which the customer's order information can be found. So he can also answer specific questions about orders.

When you apply the bol.com chatbot example yourself

As an online shop, you do yourself a favour by taking a good look at Chatbot Billie.Because this way, customers find the answer to their question faster and customer service is relieved. This is a huge benefit even for smaller webshops. After all, you keep more time to take other extra steps to make your customer happy.

A.S.R. Insurance

Chatbot example from A.S.R.

A.S.R. has been fully committed to chatbots since 2016. In fact, the insurer's entire website has been transformed into a chatbot. They have done this to improve customer experience. Previously, customers still regularly got lost among the jumble of pages and many different phone numbers.

Now, when you land on the homepage as a consumer, you are presented with a number of options. After choosing, you immediately enter a flow that fully personalises the experience.

Actually, this goes beyond a chatbot. After all, the entire website is conversational. But the same principle - going through the customer experience by answering multiple choice questions - is just as possible with regular chatbots. At Trengo, we also call these types of chatbots flowbots.

See more information on flowbots here.

When you apply the A.S.R. chatbot example yourself

If you notice that customers often 'get lost' on your website, using a flowbot is highly recommended. Because it allows you to segment customers and guide them to relevant information through a flow. At Trengo, we use the flowbot to find out what our customers are looking for. For instance, at the beginning of the conversation you can choose between sales or customer success. This makes it easier and more efficient for our teams and customers.


Eneco digital assistant

Ask the average person about their biggest annoyance when it comes to customer service and chances are it's the long waiting time. Especially in large companies. When e-mails are only answered days later and the queue on the phone takes at least an hour. And turning off the hold music is out of the question, because you have to be quick when it's your turn.

Eneco has the solution. The Eneco digital assistant enables visitors to get quick answers to their questions. You ask your question and are then presented with a menu that guides you to the right information. Similar to A.S.R., except that here you first have to enter your question.

If the assistant cannot answer it, you will be put in touch with a member of staff. You choose whether to chat or call.

When you apply the Eneco chatbot example yourself

If customers often use the chat on your website to request information, it is a good idea to choose this variant. Extra tip: refer customers with frequently asked questions to your own help centre.

SSH Student Housing

Chat SSH Student Housing

SSH Student Housing - a company that focuses on housing students in Utrecht - uses a chatbot from Trengo.

The purpose of the bot is simple: to redirect visitors to the right pages as quickly as possible. For example, when you indicate you have lost keys, you are immediately given relevant info. In addition, the widget redirects you to WhatsApp for any additional questions. Very handy.

When you apply the SSH Student Housing chatbot example yourself

These kinds of chatbots are ideal when your team regularly faces the same time-consuming queries. If you automatically redirect visitors to a page with relevant information, you keep time for more complicated cases. This is also nice for the customer. In the case of lost keys, the visitor simply wants to know what the next steps are as soon as possible. You remove the barrier of an e-mail or picking up the phone.

After seeing the chatbot examples, will your team want to start immediately?

From Bol.com to Eneco, the chatbot examples show that organisations in different industries are getting the most out of chatbots. Because it is an easy tool to implement and achieve good results with.

If these bot examples have inspired you and your team, it's time to create your own Flowbot. In Trengo, this can be done completely without code, so you don't need any technical help with that.

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