Combine all your Gmail accounts in one inbox

Mar 29, 2024
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Imagine you are in a travel agency and have separate email accounts for feedback, support, and order confirmations. Or perhaps an automotive business, or restaurant. Oh, the mess your customer service team must be in during rush season! 

They’re responding to hundreds of inquiries through a gazillion channels while ensuring they are quick, accurate, and not missing anything… must be well a lot!

How can you be a good boss and take their troubles away? The answer is as simple as bringing all Gmail accounts in one inbox.

But how do you go about that and what good can it do to your company? We’re describing everything in detail here in this blog post.

So keep reading!

Challenges faced by consumer service businesses with managing multiple Gmail accounts

According to a survey, 56% of people have at least three email addresses to streamline their personal and professional messages. Most businesses also have separate email accounts for their different departments, services, or branches.

Seamless communication with customers and even between company employees is critical for consumer service businesses. And while having respective Gmail accounts for different communication forms is useful in keeping conversations separate, they often lead to disruptions and disorganised communication.

Here are some common challenges you might face when managing multiple Gmail accounts as a consumer service business:

1. Fragmented communication channels

With customer emails spread across multiple accounts, it can be hard to keep track of every communication and ensure that every customer inquiry is addressed promptly and efficiently.

For example, a guest wants to inquire about a room at a hotel. However, since it’s a slow season, the hotel’s customer service representative is not actively monitoring the account that handles room queries. 

Now, due to the delay in response time, the guest sends multiple inquiries to multiple email addresses or departments within the hotel chain. They will face not just a delay in support but also inconsistent replies across all channels, leading to confusion, dissatisfaction, and ultimately, missed opportunities.

All because of not having all Gmail accounts in one inbox.

2. Inefficient workflow

Now consider a scenario from a retail store where a customer places an order and is now inquiring about the expected delivery date. Since the customer service team is busy scrambling with multiple accounts, constantly logging in and out of different accounts to access and respond to emails, providing customer service in real time may not be possible.

3. Difficulty in collaboration

Not having all Gmail accounts in one inbox can lead to difficulty in collaboration between service agents because they can only see the emails in their respective inboxes. This limited visibility makes it challenging to provide comprehensive support to the customer.

Imagine a travel agency with multiple branches but only one specializing in handoffs or escalations. Without a centralised communication system, transferring inquiries between Gmail accounts may result in delays, miscommunication, or loss of context, impacting the customer's experience and satisfaction.

The solution: All Gmail accounts in one inbox

So how do you overcome the above challenges and maintain seamless inter-channel communication?

The answer is simple: a centralised Gmail inbox where you can select all of one account in Gmail inbox.

With a single inbox for multiple Gmail accounts, a consumer service business can centralise communication channels and streamline customer support processes. Here are a few benefits:

  1. Enhanced efficiency: having all Gmail accounts in one inbox allows customer service agents to view, prioritise, and respond to inquiries more efficiently without switching between multiple accounts.
  1. Improved responsiveness: with a centralised Gmail inbox, agents can quickly access and respond to customer inquiries in real-time, ensuring timely assistance and resolving issues promptly.
  1. Better organisation: Consolidated Gmail inboxes enable the implementation of labels, filters, and automation tools to categorise emails, track order statuses, and prioritise urgent requests effectively.
  1. Seamless collaboration: Gmail inbox unification facilitates collaboration among team members, allowing them to assign, escalate, or delegate tasks as needed, ensuring a cohesive approach to customer support.
  1. Personalised interactions: Having all Gmail accounts in one inbox allows you to keep track of the customer’s previous data, conversations, and history. This allows access to context while communicating and using personalisation to improve efficiency.
  1. Comprehensive insights: By centralising customer communication, the business can gather valuable data and insights into customer preferences, behaviour patterns, and common pain points, enabling informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

Efficiency gains and time savings

“Time is money” is more than just a cliche when it comes to consumer service businesses. When you are dealing with public inquiries, running administrative procedures, handling lead generation, and providing the actual service, time indeed becomes the most valuable asset.

And you cannot waste your assets on switching between five email accounts, trying to find an email you know exists but can’t remember where.

Having all Gmail accounts in one inbox helps you save time by bringing all your important emails under one platform—no need to fiddle between accounts and miss important conversations in between. 

Collaborating between service agents also becomes time-efficient because everyone has access to the same messages in the same inbox.

Reinvesting time saved into serving customers better and pursuing lead-generation activities

The time saved from managing multiple Gmail accounts can be reinvested into serving customers better and pursuing lead-generation activities. 

Here are a few examples of how your team can utilise the time they saved from juggling between several inboxes:

  1. Enhanced customer support: Instead of spending valuable time sorting through emails from multiple accounts, consumer service teams can allocate more time to engage with customers, address their needs promptly, and provide tailored solutions to enhance satisfaction and loyalty.
  1. Proactive lead generation: With streamlined email management, teams can proactively reach out to leads, follow up on inquiries, and nurture relationships through personalised communication, driving conversion and revenue growth.
  1. Continuous improvement: The time saved from email management can be invested in analysing customer feedback, identifying pain points, and implementing process improvements to enhance overall efficiency and effectiveness in serving customers.

Attracting new customers

The email market size in 2023 was expected to reach almost $73 billion. Businesses use emails not only to answer their customers’ queries but also to acquire new leads.

  • Improved responsiveness and customer service reputation

Having all Gmail accounts in one inbox enables businesses to respond to customer inquiries promptly and effectively. Quick response times demonstrate responsiveness and attentiveness to potential customers, leaving a positive impression and building trust in the brand's customer service reputation. 

This dedication to providing exceptional customer service can differentiate your business from competitors and attract new customers.

  • Positive impact on word-of-mouth referrals and online reviews

Efficient email management contributes to positive word-of-mouth referrals and online reviews, which are powerful drivers of customer acquisition. Satisfied customers who receive timely and helpful responses to their inquiries are more likely to share their positive experiences with others and recommend your business to friends, family, and online communities. 

These endorsements attract new customers, who place trust in peer recommendations and positive online reviews.

💡Did you know?

According to Neilson, 88% of consumers trusted the recommendations from their friends and family more than all other forms of marketing messaging.

  • Importance of first impressions in converting leads into customers

First impressions are crucial in converting leads into customers, and efficient email management plays a vital role in creating positive initial interactions. By centralizing email communication and ensuring prompt responses to inquiries, businesses can make a favourable first impression on potential customers. 

A seamless and responsive communication process reflects professionalism, reliability, and dedication to customer satisfaction, increasing the likelihood of converting leads into loyal customers.

Increasing lead generation

Centralising all Gmail accounts in one inbox offers businesses a strategic advantage in lead generation efforts by enabling streamlined email management.

Here’s how:

  1. Prompt follow-ups: Centralised email management enables teams to track and prioritise incoming inquiries, facilitating timely responses and proactive outreach to potential leads. By promptly addressing inquiries and demonstrating responsiveness, businesses can build rapport with prospects and increase the likelihood of converting leads into customers. 
  1. Customised responses: By having all emails in one place, businesses can leverage insights from previous interactions and purchase history to personalise communication with prospects, addressing their specific interests, concerns, and pain points. Customized responses enhance engagement and demonstrate a commitment to understanding and meeting prospect needs, fostering trust and loyalty to the brand.
  1. Lead generation: By analysing email interactions, businesses can identify patterns, behaviours, and triggers indicative of prospect interest or intent to purchase. These insights enable targeted lead nurturing strategies, such as personalised follow-ups, content recommendations, and promotional offers, tailored to prospect preferences and the stage of the buyer's journey.

How do I combine all my Gmail accounts into one?

Combining all Gmail accounts in one inbox is a breeze once you know the right steps. One way to do it is by activating the “Account linking” feature.

Here’s a simplified step-by-step procedure to go about it:

  1. Begin with your chosen primary account.
  2. Navigate to the top right corner of your browser and click on the "Settings" icon.
  3. From the dropdown menu, select "See all settings" under the "Quick Settings" section.
  1. Next, click on the fourth tab labelled "Accounts."
  2. In the "Send mail as:" section, click on "Add another email address."
  1. Enter the corresponding email address and proceed to the next step.
  1. Click the "Send Verification" button to initiate the verification process.
  1. Switch to your secondary email account and open the email from Gmail team.
  1. Locate the link in the email and click on it.
  2. You’ll now see a confirmation message with the button “Confirm.”
  1. Click on the button to confirm that you have successfully merged your secondary Gmail account with your primary one.

Do you want to attract new customers and generate leads?

Then Gmail will not be enough. The benefits of collaboration, personalisation, data insights and more won’t come just from combining your channels within your Gmail. What’s needed is a customer engagement platform that’ll combine all of your channels for a multichannel approach. 

Because most businesses today don’t have their Gmail accounts as their only source of consumer communication. You are likely to receive and send messages through WhatsApp, social media, website live chat, SMS, and perhaps even more. 

Combining all your communication channels through a customer service platform, such as Trengo, streamlines all forms of communication and also helps you make the most out of your customer service team.

Here’s how you can integrate Gmail with your Trengo inbox:

1. Navigate to Settings > Channels > Email and click the ‘plus’ icon or ‘Connect email’;

2. Select ‘Connect Gmail account’;

3. Click ‘Sign in with Google’;

4. Login with the credentials of the Gmail inbox you’d like to connect with Trengo and integrate your inbox.

All Gmail accounts in one inbox: Real-world example 

Solar Concept tackles 10,000 conversations a month with Trengo

Solar Concept is a Dutch company providing solar panel installation and maintenance services across 196 municipalities. Their workflow involves multiple departments and countless conversations between their customers and the service team.

The Solar Concept marketing team was on the lookout for a way to combine all their communication channels on a single platform. That’s when they found Trengo.

With Trengo’s centralised approach, not only did Solar Concept combine all Gmail accounts in one inbox but also brought their other communication channels into the same inbox. Soon their customer service team was able to achieve an 8.9/10 customer satisfaction score by eliminating the need to switch between hundreds of inbox and miss crucial messages in between.

Attract new customers and generate leads, combine yours channels

Consolidating all Gmail accounts in one inbox offers numerous benefits for consumer service businesses seeking to streamline communication processes and enhance customer service capabilities. By centralising email management, businesses can improve responsiveness, efficiency, and collaboration among teams, leading to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Trengo encourages businesses to adopt an omnichannel approach and leverage the power of unified email management for exceptional customer service.

Whether it’s built-in features within Gmail or using a third-party application like Trengo, which offers a whole world of extra features, investing in unified email management will undoubtedly pay dividends in enhancing your customer service capabilities and achieving business success.

So are you ready to unlock the full potential of your Gmail accounts today and take your customer service to new heights?

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