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Aug 16, 2021
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A business sales account on offers many advantages. For instance, you have access to millions of consumers in the Netherlands and Belgium. But a new sales channel also increases the likelihood of more administrative hassle. To make your sales process run smoothly, you can choose to automate certain tasks via You do this by integrating your systems into one tool and setting up smart tricks. Read more about automating via in this blog. automation: the important benefits

In the maze of communication and sales channels, it is sometimes difficult to keep track. Did the customer order on Or via your own website? And does the customer request come in via Or through one of your other communication channels? If you manage your communication and sales manually, this can be time-consuming. Automation via is the solution. It not only saves you time, but also ensures:

  • Increase of happy customers
  • Higher sales
  • More traffic

Automation through

Once you have completed all the steps to start as a business seller on, you can start automating. Let's start by automating your own system with This is because if you link these two systems together, you will manage your sales from one place.


A linking between two systems is done via a so-called API. You can think of this as a bridge: it transfers information from one system to the other. As a business partner of, you can use the API for free.

One system

By using the free API, you link your own sales system to your account. This way, you only have to make adjustments in your own sales system, e.g. to your range or stock. The API is immediately alerted and the information is transferred to


Linking the API to your own sales system saves time. You only have to make adjustments once and both systems display the same information. This way, you not only work more efficiently, but also avoid mistakes.

Integrations through other partners

To provide customers with quick answers, the API allows you to integrate with different platforms. These integrations allow you to use your sales account as efficiently as possible. My colleague Pim created a list of 6 must-have integrations. Read the abridged version below:


With Lightspeed's integration, you link the partner platform to your webshop. The link automatically updates your prices and stock on No need to switch between the two platforms.


Managing your warehouse stock is even easier with the Picqer integration. Orders are imported automatically and sent peak lists are immediately reported to as shipped.


Sending orders takes a lot of time.'s integration with Sendcloud speeds up this process by providing handy shipping tools for picking, packing and labels. You can also easily keep customers informed with branded tracking pages.


Are you not using Sendcloud? Then you might be using MyParcel. With MyParcel's integration, you import all your orders in one click. Again, this saves you valuable time.


The integration with Channable makes it easy to advertise on If something is sold out, you don't need to update it - the API ensures that the information in the ad is always up to date.

Automate customer communication with Trengo

To become a star performer on, you need to be proactive as a brand. Trengo's customer service platform helps you easily manage all your customer communications. In the platform, you integrate all your communication channels into one inbox. Including your messages from A major advantage of Trengo is that you can automate your communication.

Quick replies

Do you get many of the same customer questions? Then it is handy to have some standard answers ready. In Trengo, you can easily set up a number of quick replies. You can then send the customer an immediate response with one click on the button.


Another handy trick for automating customer communication is setting up rules. With rules, you run through a certain scenario, so to speak. Suppose a message has the word returns in the subject line. Trengo recognises the word and sends the customer a standard reply or refers the ticket to a colleague. So with rules, customers get a response faster and you organise your inbox at the same time.


Proactive customer communication is very important. But this is not always possible outside opening hours. Auto-replies are the solution. You easily set them up in Trengo for after-hours or holiday periods. Make sure you let the customer know in the message when you will be there again. This way, you create a clear expectation pattern.


Volero - the largest rug webshop in the Netherlands - has a large range of rugs online. They offer the rugs through both their own website and To ensure that all customer queries are handled efficiently, the customer service team works with labels. For example, they have the label, which means that a ticket from always reaches the right person.

Make life easier: automate your customer communication

Want to get started with automation yourself? Try Trengo completely free for a fortnight now.


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