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Jun 10, 2021
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It's time to make life easier for business sellers at You can now manage customer queries from your sales account entirely in Trengo. This means you can answer messages along with all your other channels in one platform. So you can offer service via without having to click back and forth all the time.

With the Bol and Trengo integration you can: 

  • Receive your customer queries together with other channels in one platform
  • Have instant insight into all related customer and order information
  • Use handy tools to automate your customer communication
  • Work with your team to answer customer queries.

Combined powers is an important link between many e-commerce businesses and their customers. There are already more than 40,000 entrepreneurs selling their product range through the online shop. During this sales process, there are several contact moments between customer and seller. Trengo is the solution to optimise this customer contact

How does it work?

When you receive a message from, it will appear in Trengo. You can recognise the message by the e-mail address and the order number in the title.

If a customer has a question about an order, you can find all order information directly in the sidebar. This includes information about products ordered, shipping, payment details, etc.

With this information at your fingertips, you can provide the customer with an answer immediately and you won't spend time looking up customer details in another system.

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Nurture your customers

Our integration makes it even easier for business sellers on to maintain customer relations. All messages from are received together with all your other communication channels in Trengo.

When the customer asks a question via, it will automatically appear as a ticket in Trengo. You can then use our tools to work with the ticket. Think about assigning tickets, deploying chatbots or sending automatic messages. Everything to help the customer as well and quickly as possible.

We are proud to be the first customer service platform with this integration. Hopefully, we can add even bigger marketplaces like Amazon to our list in the future.


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