6 essential email management software features

Nov 16, 2022
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To achieve great results you need solid foundations. A house really can't meet the expectations of being homey and warm when there is no insulation and the windows are single-glazed. It's the same when it comes to your teams creating amazing customer experiences. This becomes an impossible task when they don't have the tools they need to succeed.

Customer engagement compasses all channels and although it's 2022 email is still the main point of contact for many organizations. But are your teams working from an email management software that fits your company? One that increases efficiency and productivity?

Finding the right email management software can be quite a task. There is an infinite list to choose from. So let's walk through the value, benefits, and six features it should include. So you know which inbox to choose!

What is email management software?

Email management software is a solution from where companies can manage, sort, organize and send emails. The right management software and features that fit workflows will make managing emails a piece of cake. Think about automation, collaboration tools, and statistics.

Why is email management important?

The importance of an email management software will show from the benefits listed below. But it's also a case of what we mentioned earlier. Your customer service and support teams need a solid foundation to garner great customer experiences. And not just the CS teams, everyone within the company will benefit from an email management tool that decreases response times, increases team collaboration and automates repetitive tasks. Because an email management tool will ultimately be the driving force behind growing revenue.

Benefits of using email management software

Email management software can do a lot of things, depending on which solution you go for. It can for instance ensure teams work efficiently. While it can also offer insightful information on all engagement and performance. So you have all information at hand to create a better customer experience.

With email management software, you can:

Work more efficiently

Team collaboration is pivotal to good customer service. Working efficiently on emails together with your team in one overview can save a lot of miscommunication. And when team members no longer have to switch between customer data tools and engagement tools they can save a lot of valuable time!

Automated and integrated customer experiences

From automatic responses to insightful customer profiles. When your email engagement software combines all your channels, integrates your webshop, and features automation teams have everything at hand to engage with customers.

Offer valuable insights

When you handle a number of emails daily, you can gain a lot from the insights. What are the recurring questions or challenges your team encounters? Where do you need to focus on, what can you automate? Insights will help you streamline communication and performance!

6 essential email management software features

1. Customer profiles

The best email management software captures your customer in an insightful customer profile. The profile shows contact information, business information, and previous contact moments. This way, you have all the information you need to offer your customer the best service.

Does your team get a question about the delivery of an item? When they have the profile right next to the channel and can see what items the customer ordered and what the delivery status is. A relevant and quick answer is easy to manage!

2. Integrations

Imagine: you receive an email from a customer asking for their order status. You have to close your email tab, open another app, copy the information and then head back to your inbox.

I got tired of just writing this.

It will get a lot easier when your business email management software can integrate with the apps your team uses. No more clicking back and forth — you can do everything on one platform. And we're not just writing about connection to other workflow apps, but also integrations to webshops via Shopify, Lightspeed etc.

Read how Volero uses Trengo to integrate Lightspeed and Picqer with their email.

3. Reporting

If you want to keep track of your email usage, you need email management software that shows insightful reports. Think about data such as response rates, closing rates, number of emails, and customer satisfaction.

As said this data can be the bridge between working and working efficiently. Additionally, implementing contact data enrichment practices in your strategy will ensure you’re never missing out on any data point. When you know that 70% of customers ask the same things at a certain point in the customer journey you can act on it. Think about setting up auto-replies, quick-replies and other useful automation (see next feature).

Statistics in email management software

4. Quick replies and auto-replies

Another question about your return policy... and another... and... Time to type the same answer for the 24th time today.

Luckily, there is!

With quick replies, teams can respond to an email with just one click. You can make a list of answers to frequently asked questions, save them as quick replies in Trengo, and you're good to go.

Are you out of the office? With auto-replies, you can always provide customers with a quick answer. The message will automatically be sent in response to an email.

5. Automated workflows

Automated workflows allow you to automate tasks in your inbox. This way, you can automatically organize your inbox and forward emails to colleagues or the team you want your customer to connect with. That means emails will no longer require manual tagging, assigning, or dragging.

Automated workflows will mean a lot less confusion (if any) and no one will waste time and repetitive tasks.

Automated workflows

6. Collaboration

If you would like to collaborate efficiently via email, a shared team inbox is crucial. With Trengo for instance, you can manage one email address together with your team. And if you have incoming customer questions that team members would like to discuss internally, they can @tag colleagues in the email thread. You can also use the team chat to start a private or group conversation.

Interal conversations in email management software

And this is not all with a shared inbox! All channels and integrations are also featured within the inbox. Making it easier for teams to have a whole overview of information, and to internally discuss, solve and close tickets.

Your next email management software

After going through these six features. Is it clear what you're looking for in email management software?

Are you looking for a small solution? Or would you like to streamline customer communication via one customer engagement platform? One that offers a shared inbox, integrations with channels such as WhatsApp (next to email) and your webshop, automation features like auto- and quick replies and more!

If you you're going for great customer experiences, you need to increase productivity and boost efficiency by having a solid foundation. Try Trengo and start a 14-day free trial here.

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