Change email chaos to harmony using Trengo

vertical_splitAn unforgettable e-mail experience for smart teams
listAlways insight into the complete history and notes of the customer
pie_chartView the response time and handling time per channel, team or colleague

Get a grip on email

Create harmony for every team

Managing a general email address with multiple employees can be a real burden. With Trengo you can get a grip on all email, making the work of your customer service employees a lot easier.

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Communicate and tag internally

Say goodbye to tons of internal emails

Quickly involve colleagues in conversations with customers, without the customers knowing about it. All you have to do is tag or mention your colleague. This reduces the number of internal emails by 79%.

Email management

Get maximum results with ticketing

Trengoโ€™s ticketing structure makes sure that not a single email goes unnoticed, while maintaining a clear overview for the employees. Find out which colleagues are answering specific emails and enhance the level of teamwork. 

Email features

Everything combined in a powerful inbox

done_all  Delivery reports

Automatically send delivery reports with a ticket number to the customer.

create  Send emails

Start new e-mails and tickets, even if it's a new email address.

inbox  Ticketing

Follow up emails in a structured and organized way with the personal ticketing approach.

featured_play_list  Quick replies

Insert canned responses and email templates that are commonly used, to save time and money.

attach_file  Attachment overview

Documents are well-arranged in an e-mail conversation.

merge_type  Link emails

Link different emails to each other to keep track of complex situations.

A clear overview starts here

For each team, user or brand

Trengo creates a clear overview of all your email traffic. You can filter conversations per team, user or label (folder). Quickly retrieve any conversation by using these filters or the powerful search engine.

View the conversation history

Every contact moment visible in the timeline

Every contact moment with a customer gets put into a timeline. This makes it possible to see why, how and when a customer has reached out to you before. Gather information and respond to your customer's wishes with the speed of light, without having to bother your colleagues.

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