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February 2, 2021

Today we’re introducing Trengo Team Chat: a brand new feature that enables teams to switch from customer to team communication with one mouse click.

Why Trengo Team Chat, why now

At Trengo, it’s our mission to help businesses master their communication. We do this by bringing the most essential tools together in one place so that teams can focus on what truly matters: the conversation.

Trengo started out as a tool for streamlining customer communication. We’re seeing how many of our customers now have a firm grip on their external communication in Trengo, but still need another tool for their team communication. Every time they click back-and-forth between tabs to switch tools, they have to refind their focus. And with many teams now working remotely, we understood it was time to come up with a solution.

To make it possible for companies to manage all of their communication in one place, we’re proudly introducing Team Chat.

Take back your focus

Managing internal communication is an underrated skill. Many teams still use multiple communication tools, set up meetings for the smallest of decisions, get lost in endless email chains, and simply waste way too much time on it. With Team Chat, you can take back your focus.

To help teams to keep their focus, we built our Team Chat with only the essential features. And we’re planning on only adding new features when they add value to your workflow. Less is more.

What’s included

  • Start one-on-one conversations with your colleagues.
  • Create group chats with multiple colleagues.
  • Start video meetings.
  • Easily share files with colleagues.
  • Find the right team member in just seconds by using the search engine.
  • Switch from team to customer communication with one mouse click.

Our current focus is to further improve the connection between the inbox and Team Chat. For example, we are working on an option to share conversations from your inbox directly in the Team Chat.

Get the conversation started

If you used another team chat tool before, avoid confusion by announcing the switch to Trengo within your organization. Create the same groups you had before and don’t forget to add all the right team members. Then, set an end date for adoption and give your team time to explore the tool.

Team Chat is available as a free feature for all Trengo users*, so make sure to try it out!

Try Trengo for free!🚀

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* You can also add light users to your Team Chat for 3 euro per user/per month.

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