How to open a WhatsApp Business account

May 21, 2021
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In this blog, I will quickly explain how to open a WhatsApp Business account. This way, you can start using WhatsApp to inform or sell to customers in no time. The app allows you to create a business profile, use quick replies, label your conversations, and set up auto-replies.

We'll discuss:

  • How to get a business account on WhatsApp
  • Setting up your WhatsApp Business profile
  • How to create a WhatsApp Business API account

Before we get started, here's a quick video on the main differences between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business:

How to get a business account on WhatsApp

First of all, you do what you normally do when starting with a new app. You download it, fill out all the required information about your business. You can download the WhatsApp Business app on both your Android (via Google Play) or iOS (via the Apple store) device.

Step 1: Download the app
Step 2: Read and accept the terms of service
Step 3: Verify your phone number via text
Step 4: Allow WhatsApp Business to access your contacts and photos
Step 5: Fill in your business name
Step 6: Pick a profile picture (preferably your logo)


Please note that you can only use one phone number per WhatsApp Business account. If you want to use a number that you already used on WhatsApp before, this is also possible. However, that phone number will automatically be logged out of your regular WhatsApp application.

But not to worry, the conversation history and contacts will be transferred to WhatsApp Business. If you would like to also keep using your existing regular WhatsApp account, I would suggest to use another phone number for WhatsApp Business.

Setting up your WhatsApp Business profile

One of WhatsApp Business' big benefits is that you get to create a business profile. This is a great opportunity to tell your customers more about your company. You can fill out information on your business name, the description of your company, what your business hours are, what your email address is, and more.

You can add this information by clicking 'describe your business'. If you wish to edit this information later on, you can do so by taking the following steps.

  1. Go to 'Settings'.
  2. Next, click 'Business tools'.
  3. Go to 'Business Profile'.
  4. Change the information to your wishes.
  5. Don't forget to submit the changes.

Creating a WhatsApp Business product catalog

In the past years, more and more businesses have started to sell directly via WhatsApp Business. This means that they don't necessarily have to direct consumers to their website. If needed, the interaction can be done completely via the messaging app.

Source: WhatsApp

That's why WhatsApp Business has also made it possible to create your very own product catalog. Here, you can add your products with pictures, descriptions, and pricing.

How to create a WhatsApp Business API account

The WhatsApp Business application is awesome if you run a small business. In this case, you would usually only need to run the app with one user at a time. However, if you want to manage WhatsApp with a team, this is not possible with the application. That's because the app can only be accessed by one user, and on one device at the same time.

That's why the WhatsApp Business API was created. With this, teams can use WhatsApp Business with multiple users.

Wondering whether you should go for the app or the API? We're here to help. 🤝

Here's how to set up the WhatsApp Business API:

  1. Sign up for a free trial with Trengo
  2. Next, apply for the WhatsApp Business API. Check the following video for a quick explanation:

Setting up WhatsApp Business API takes a couple more steps than setting up the app. But if you're a mid or large sized company and want to make the most out of your experience, I can highly recommend it. Feel free to reach out to us for a helping hand in the process.

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