Get that WhatsApp green tick: How to verify your WhatsApp Business account

Dec 22, 2022
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Blue ticks, green ticks... in the era of social media these simple signs can be of great value. Whether on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter the tick shows that an account is verified. Important for influencers, but even more so for businesses. Because when people see your WhatsApp Business green tick they don't have to question whether your business exists, is trustworthy and so on because Meta has already checked it.

That's why we'll show you how to get your WhatsApp Business account verified.

We'll go over:

  • What a verified WhatsApp Business account is
  • Benefits of the WhatsApp verification green tick
  • Requirements for a verified WhatsApp Business account
  • WhatsApp green tick: tips & tricks
  • How to verify your WhatsApp Business account

What is a verified WhatsApp Business account

The WhatsApp green tick, or green badge, is a sign from WhatsApp (and thus Meta) saying 'we've checked out this account and it's legitimate'. The green tick makes the account official and therefore verified. And it's the difference between a regular business account of an official business account.

This works in the same way as it does for individuals. Not everyone can get the green tick, it's only notable people and businesses that pass the WhatsApp check. That doesn't mean only the Nike and Coca-Cola's of this world will be able to get a verified WhatsApp Business account. But it does mean that in order to get one you have to meet certain requirements. We'll get into that in the next paragraph.

Whether you use the app or the API all accounts are by default regular accounts. Once the business account is verified and gains the tick it will be an official account. The features won't change but the benefits will!

Why go for the WhatsApp verification green tick?

Let's quickly go over the benefits of gaining a WhatsApp green tick.

Great first impression

Before October 2022 only official business accounts had the benefit of their business name being displayed in the business profile, thread header and chat lists. But now once a business has verified its Meta Business Manager account the business name will be always displayed (instead of just the phone number).

Seeing your business name, instead of just the phone number, and the WhatsApp green tick mark next to it will make the best first impression. Your prospects and customers will know who they are talking to immediately.

Trustworthiness and credibility

We already mentioned it in the introduction. Once your business has an official WhatsApp Business account it will make your organization stand out. Prospects and customers will recognize the badge and know that you've gone through the verification process.

Beat the competition

In order to get that official account you need to go through the verification process and meet certain requirements. Not many businesses have a verified WhatsApp Business account. This will make yours stand out more, and leave your competition behind.

Higher engagement

When you reach out to customers via WhatsApp they will be more likely to engage with your team if they see the WhatsApp verification green tick. Simply because they'll trust they're talking to an official business account. And when they're searching for a product or a type of service in the WhatsApp Business Yellow Pages it's highly likely that they will go for a verified business rather than a regular one.

Requirements for a verified WhatsApp Business account

So what do you need in order to apply for the WhatsApp green tick?

1. Use of the WhatsApp Business API

First and foremost it's important to note that the basis of your verification process relies on the use of the WhatsApp Business API. Are you just using the WhatsApp Business app? Then it's not possible to request an official account. This is because WhatsApp expects bigger businesses (where at least more than four people are using the platform for customer engagement) to use the API. Think about the blue ticks for people on Instagram they usually are famous and have a lot of followers. The same goes for the green tick, WhatsApp wants to give this to notable businesses.  

2. A verified business on Meta Business Manager

WhatsApp is Meta-owned. So are Facebook and Instagram. All of these platforms can manage via your Meta Business account. Make sure this account is verified first! Check out how to do that here.

3. 2-step verification

Speaks for itself. This is for security reasons. Check the how-to here.

4. Notability

In a WhatsApp help center article, they mention a variety of factors. As mentioned being notable is one of these. They don't explain however what they mean by this. But, there are a couple of things we presume to be criteria:

  • You have already built up some brand awareness
  • Larger companies are more likely to be verified than smaller companies
  • You have a WhatsApp Business account
  • You have a verified Facebook Business account
  • You have been using the WhatsApp Business API for 3 months

As only a small percentage of the request for the green tick is honoured we gather that notability is a very important factor!

WhatsApp green tick: tips & tricks

  • The application for a WhatsApp green tick will take a week at most
  • When not accepted you can reapply after 30 days for the WhatsApp green tick
  • Ask a Business Solution Provider to set up your API connection and guide you through the verification process
  • Although 'notable' might sound vague, do make sure you build your brand presence!
  • Do you have a verified Facebook or Instagram? Link them to your WhatsApp account

How to verify your WhatsApp Business account

Are you not using the WhatsApp Business API yet? A WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) can help you get started! Read how a BSP will help you set up a verified WhatsApp Business account.

Step 1: Start using the WhatsApp Business API

Because the WhatsApp Business API doesn't have its own interface a BSP like Trengo can enable companies to connect the official WhatsApp Business API to a customer engagement platform. On this platform, you are able to consolidate all your channels (WhatsApp, but also Facebook, Instagram etc.) and your teams will be able to use WhatsApp Business with more than four users at the same time. From any device. Great if you really want to engage with your customers via the messaging platforms that they prefer.

After signing up, you can submit your application for the API. Ask your BSP for more info!

It can be very straightforward and fast depending on your BSP. Via Trengo, you can sign up for multiple official WhatsApp Business API providers.

Step 2: Verify your Facebook Business Account

Like I said earlier, you need to make sure that your Facebook Business account is verified first. To check if you still need to do this, go to, and take the following steps:

  1. Go to your Facebook Business Manager and then go to Security Center.
  2. Next, go to the 'verification' section and click 'start verification'.
  3. Enter your company details.
  4. Select your company.
  5. Don't forget to confirm.
  6. Verify your domain.

Step 3: The rest is easy

After you're all set up with the WhatsApp Business API via Trengo, you can start the application for the green tick on WhatsApp Business.

  1. Go to your Meta Business account
  2. Go to Settings, then Business Settings and to WhatsApp Accounts
  3. Select the WhatsApp Account that you use from the list
  4. Go to the settings of that WhatsApp Account and to WhatsApp Manager
  5. Select the phone number that you want to get the WhatsApp Business green tick for
  6. want to request the Green Tick for

You will then see this page:

verified WhatsApp Business account

Click 'Submit request' and you're done!

Good to note: The verification is done by Meta, and via Trengo it will take 1-2 working days.

Make sure customers start noting you

It's just a green tick, sure. But with so many benefits, credibility, trustworthiness and more it becomes a very valuable part of engaging with customers via WhatsApp.

Want to start off with the WhatsApp Business API and then try to verify your WhatsApp Business account? Let us know! We like to help.

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