How to use WhatsApp Business with multiple users

WhatsApp Business multiple users

Using WhatsApp Business with multiple users is possible by connecting your WhatsApp Business number with Trengo. The Trengo multi-channel inbox integrates with several WhatsApp Business API providers. This enables multiple users to work with the same WhatsApp Business number. Directly from one inbox.

The advantage of implementing WhatsApp Business via Trengo is that more clients can be helped at the same time. This results in a quicker response time and higher customer satisfaction.

Trengo enables companies to connect the official WhatsApp Business API to a shared team inbox.

WhatsApp for teams

All WhatsApp messages are available in the shared Trengo team inbox. The inbox enables colleagues to collaborate efficiently. They can either pick up or assign a conversation, tag each other and chat internally. All without leaving the inbox. It is even possible to automate the conversations via WhatsApp with the Trengo Flowbot.

WhatsApp Business shared inbox

Another advantage of using WhatsApp Business via the team inbox, is that not each employee needs to use their private WhatsApp Business number to be reached out to. The general company or department phone number can be used to communicate with customers.

WhatsApp for business on multiple devices

The team inbox is accessible via multiple devices, Trengo runs fully in the cloud. This also makes Whatsapp for business accessible on multiple devices. Every user has a personal account that has access to the team inbox in order to respond to WhatsApp messages. The portal is accessible via the browser, but also Windows and Mac client, and mobile applications for Android and iOS devices. This way you can be reached from anywhere in the world.

WhatsApp Business for multiple users official solution.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use the WhatsApp Business application for multiple users. This is only possible via the official WhatsApp API, which Trengo integrates via multiple official WhatsApp Business partners. Trengo provides customer service and communication software, disrupting the market with an innovative solution. Interested in implementing WhatsApp Business?

This chart shows if you should pick the WhatsApp Business Application or the WhatsApp Business API via Trengo.

WhatsApp Business

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