How to use WhatsApp Business with multiple users

January 13, 2020

Using WhatsApp Business with multiple users is possible by connecting your WhatsApp Business number with Trengo. The Trengo customer service platform integrates with several WhatsApp Business API providers. This enables teams to manage WhatsApp Business together, directly from one platform.

The main advantage of this solution is that more of your customers can be helped at the same time. This results in an improved response time and higher customer satisfaction.

Trengo enables companies to connect the official WhatsApp Business API to a customer service platform.

Using one WhatsApp Business account with multiple agents

With Trengo, you only need one phone number for your company or department. There’s no need to create separate accounts for all of your team members.

Colleagues can efficiently collaborate on incoming conversations via WhatsApp Business. They can either pick up or assign a conversation, tag each other, and chat internally. All without leaving the platform. If you want, you can even automate conversations with the Trengo chatbot.

Using WhatsApp Business with multiple users
Answering a WhatsApp Business message in Trengo.

How to use WhatsApp Business on multiple devices

So, we now know that Trengo enables teams to work together on WhatsApp Business. But can WhatsApp Business be used on multiple devices as well? The answer is yes.

Trengo’s customer service platform is accessible via multiple devices because it runs in the cloud. Every user gets a personal account in order to respond to your customers’ WhatsApp messages. The portal is accessible via the browser, a Windows and Mac client, and mobile applications for Android and iOS devices. This means that you and your team can be reached from anywhere in the world. So if you were looking to use WhatsApp Business web on multiple computers, this is the right solution for you.

WhatsApp Business for multiple users, the official solution

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to use the WhatsApp Business application with more than one agent. Currently, this is only possible via the official WhatsApp API, which Trengo integrates via multiple official WhatsApp Business partners. That’s why if you want to use WhatsApp Business with multiple agents, you need Trengo.

The following chart shows if you should pick the WhatsApp Business Application or the WhatsApp Business API via Trengo.

Using WhatsApp Business API with multiple devices

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Efficiently manage WhatsApp Business with multiple agents

Adding users to Trengo

Setting up Trengo to manage WhatsApp Business with multiple agents is easy and fast. Adding a new user, for instance, is done in minutes.

Adding new users to Trengo.

When you have added a user, you can give them specific rights, also called ‘staff permissions’. You can choose between four different types:

  • Account admin (can invite colleagues, check the statistics, manage conversations)
  • Supervisor (can manage conversations, view conversation history of contacts)
  • User (can only answer messages that have been assigned to them)
  • Light user (can only assign conversations, but can not answer them)

Assigning conversations to yourself or colleagues

When you have a small team and a relatively low number of incoming WhatsApp messages, you and your team can manually assign messages. Whenever a WhatsApp message is assigned to you or one of your colleagues, it can only be answered by the assignee. This means that messages will never be answered more than once.

Managing WhatsApp Business with multiple agents

When you have a big team or a high volume of incoming messages, assigning everything manually will become time-consuming. That’s why in Trengo, you can automate this process. With the round-robin rule, all agents in your team with get assigned exactly the same amount of messages a day.

Work together on WhatsApp Business with multiple users

When your team is managing WhatsApp Business with multiple agents, you also need the ability to communicate with each other. In a shared team inbox solution, this can be done by sending each other internal messages, also called tagging.

An example of a team working together on WhatsApp Business with multiple users

With this in place, you don’t need to constantly switch back and forth between your WhatsApp messages and your team chat app to talk to your colleagues.

Automate WhatsApp Business conversations with chatbots

In Trengo, you can activate a chatbot that picks up conversations, answers simple questions, and automatically forwards customers to the right colleague. You’ll still be able to offer personal and human service, with a little help to also be fast and efficient. Here’s how that looks:

An example of automating a WhatsApp Business conversation.

Set auto-replies when no agents are available

Another benefit of using Trengo to manage WhatsApp Business with multiple agents is that you can use auto-replies. Whenever your business is closed and your team isn’t available to answer WhatsApp messages, your customers will receive a message

Auto-replies for WhatsApp Business

This is an important feature, especially since it’s not possible to ‘close down’ your WhatsApp account outside of business hours. Customers can always send a message, which means there always has to be a response in time too.

Quick replies for your entire team

You can also use Trengo to send quick replies via WhatsApp Business. With a quick reply, you can select standardized answers to questions you get frequently asked. This saves a lot of time. When using WhatsApp Business with a team, making use of quick replies ensures that the entire company sticks to the same tone and voice.

An example of quick replies for WhatsApp Business.

And that’s how you and your team can use WhatsApp Business with your team. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, or start your free trial now.

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