5 WhatsApp Business API use cases for your business

Mar 6, 2023
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WhatsApp Business has become a key channel for companies to communicate with their customers. Whether you are in e-commerce, travel, automotive, HR, or retail, it has the potential to offer customers exceptional brand experiences.

The WhatsApp Business app is a very useful tool for small companies that receive a limited number of messages. However, it lacks collaboration features, automation options, and insights that would be useful for larger teams. That’s why the WhatsApp Business API was brought to life.

You can use the WhatsApp Business API to:

  • Combine all your communication channels into one platform
  • Manage and answer WhatsApp messages with multiple users
  • Send automated notifications to customers via WhatsApp
  • Automate conversations and workflows to save time both for your team and customers
  • Get access to in-depth insights into all your customer interactions
  • Send bulk messages to up to 1000 recipients per day

Businesses using the WhatsApp Business API have shown higher results in sales, customer experience, and customer service.

Here are 5 helpful WhatsApp Business API use cases that might inspire you:

#1 WhatsApp Business API use case: Customer service

Businesses thrive by providing fast and personalized responses to customer queries and complaints. However, when receiving thousands of messages daily, this can be challenging. Fortunately, the WhatsApp Business API makes it easy to take on this challenge.

The API allows for quick responses, saving time and allowing you to focus on core tasks. By creating chatbots, you can automate answering FAQs, offer personalised product recommendations, collect customer feedback, and more. For example, Betersport set up a Flowbot to help to answer frequently asked questions.

You can also @tag a colleague who can quickly resolve an issue, saving you the hassle of endless forwarding, CCs, BCCs, internal emails, or switching to Slack to get the best response for a customer.

By tracking your analytics, you can also keep track of both your customer satisfaction and your team’s performance. You can track metrics such as CSAT, resolution time, number of daily conversations, and more.

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#2 WhatsApp Business API use case: E-commerce

E-commerce businesses can benefit significantly from the WhatsApp Business API. Adding a WhatsApp chat to an e-commerce website can guide customers through their buying journey and improve conversions. Once customers start a chat, bots can suggest products, sizes, and colours. They can even offer discounts to incentivise customers to complete their purchases.

Suppose you have a store on Shopify, BigCommerce, or any other e-commerce platform. In that case, you can integrate WhatsApp with your shop and get a single view of your customers’ profiles such as conversations and order history. WhatsApp Business notifications also allow you to automate the sending of order notifications, payment requests, shipping updates, transaction confirmations and invoices.

According to a Baymard Institute report, the average cart abandonment rate is 69% for e-commerce companies. The only way to overcome cart abandonment is by reminding customers to complete their purchases. Compared to other channels such as email, WhatsApp results in a significantly higher response rate to abandoned carts.

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#3 WhatsApp Business API use case: Travel

Businesses in the travel and hospitality industry use WhatsApp to provide a frictionless customer experience at scale. When customers are travelling, they are more likely to use WhatsApp to chat with friends and family, rather than email. If you want to get as close to your customers as possible, you need to be on WhatsApp. WhatsApp Business can assist you in providing guests with the best experience at every stage of customer contact. For example, you can share destination-based recommendations with your customers. By using the WhatsApp Business API, you can share information about the best restaurants, museums, attractions, and other places to visit in the city.

Did you know that 51% of customers choose a hotel based on the level of personalised service they receive? Before guests arrive, you can send a welcome message in advance and let them know about all of your facilities. These types of WhatsApp messages can make your guests feel like their stay has been thoughtfully planned out and personalised for them. Luckily, your team doesn't need to do more work. You can automate conversations using the WhatsApp flowbot.

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#4 WhatsApp Business API use case: Education

On average, young people spend 44 minutes a day on WhatsApp. Spanish children spend the most time on the application, with 44 minutes every day, compared to 31 in the UK, 24 in France, and a total of 39 daily minutes in the USA.

Students like to communicate using WhatsApp, an app where they are talking to friends and family members. Younger generations are more likely to use WhatsApp than email or phone for its informality, accessibility, and quick response time. Using the WhatsApp Business API, you can set up automation to educate potential students about the benefits of studying at your institution, provide updates about relevant events, and communicate anything that ensures your school stays top of mind.

Rotterdam University (Hogeschool Rotterdam) integrated Trengo's live chat into their digital student platform, Mijn HR. Here, students were able to look up their class schedule, test results, overall progress, and more. And whenever they had questions, they could easily ask them via live chat.

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#5 WhatsApp Business API use case: Automotive

When people search online for car repairs, leases, or purchases, they may come across numerous automotive shops vying for their attention. You need to differentiate yourself from the competition. The WhatsApp Business API can make it easy for customers to ask questions about the car they like without getting stuck on a long phone conversation. By streamlining your communication, the API can manage a large volume of customer inquiries effectively.

Answering questions and scheduling appointments can be time-consuming for your team. However, using automation can save a significant amount of time. Your team can focus on more important tasks. One of the WhatsApp Business API use cases is with Muntstad. They set rules in Trengo to ensure that messages always end up with the right teams. This means that messages with certain keywords automatically get forwarded to the right team.

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Start using the WhatsApp Business API

These five WhatsApp Business API use cases are examples of how many companies are using WhatsApp to grow their business. We hope they’ve inspired you to think about how you can use WhatsApp to attract, nurture, and convert leads into customers.

Getting started with the WhatsApp Business API is easy. While the API doesn’t come with an interface, a smart customer engagement platform like Trengo can help you get its full benefits. That’s not all. Trengo also serves as an all-in-one platform where you can see customer communication across channels like WhatsApp, email, live chat, and SMS.

With Trengo, you can be live with the WhatsApp API in ten minutes. And if you need some help getting set up, our team is always ready to help.

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