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Reach out to website visitors to increase leads

personMake it easy to contact your organization through the website
live_helpSimply answer the customer's question
open_in_browserReal-time customer information on screen

Quick and easy contact

Start chatting with your website visitors

Get in touch with potential customers and website visitors easily with the use of Trengo's user-friendly website chat. Customers can start talking directly and ask their questions while browsing through your website. Start using live chat right now and take your customer service to the next level! 

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Live chat increases conversion

Get more customers and orders

A live chat can make your website more trustworthy for your website visitors. Next to that, a potential customer can more easily reach out to the organisation with their questions, instead of leaving your website without finding this information. Besides, a chat conversation gives your employees the opportunity to turn a lead into a customer! In average 25% of all the live chat conversations is from a potential lead that can be turned into a buying customer. 

Help multiple customers in real time

Answer multiple questions at the same time

Lower the threshold for customers to reach out to your organisation by implementing live chat in your customer service. Employees can easily answer multiple chat conversations at the same time. Instead of having undesirable queues within your call center, your customers can count on a fast answer to their questions while it still remains personal. 

Increase leads by using greetings

Draw the attention and initiate the conversation

The marketing tool marketeers wish for: greetings! By creating greetings within your live chat, a pop-up message will be send to the customer, inviting them to start a chat conversation on the website. A great way to increase the number of leads using our website widget. Besides, the succes of each greeting can be monitored to see what works best for the organisation! 

Live chat features

Everything you need to turn a visitor into a customer

sms  Chat greetings

Easily set up triggers and automatically send greetings to the website visitor (increasing leads).

merge_type  Multi webshop

Receive chat messages from multiple webshops or organizations at the same time in one inbox.

chat  Instant chat

Say goodbye to form fields! Instant chatting ensures more conversations and leads.

storage  Forward to teams

Ask what type of question it is, to forward the conversation automatically with the right team of employees.

Save time and money

See the question before the customer has asked it

For an employee it is possible to see what a website visitor is currently typing. This way he can easily anticipate for the upcoming question: start looking for the right information, or think about an answer before a customer has even finished asking their question. This saves time for the employee and the customer has their answer even faster! By using the profile feature or connect one of the integrations with Trengo, all the information is at hand even faster. 

Fast loading time of the live chat

Important for search engines like Google

The loading time of the website widget is super low! Since the widget has a size of only 300KB, making it small and powerful in comparison with the competitors. Not only enhances this the browsing ease for your customers, it also enhances the search ability score of your website! 

Easy to add on the site

Get it working within a few clicks

Installing the live chat on your website is easy as cake: copy and paste the embed code and the live chat is good to go. Add the widget using Google Tag Manager, our Wordpress guidelines or ask your website builder to insert it on your website. If you choose to adjust your widget after it has been placed, these changes will be live immediately, no need to update the code! 

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