How to create sales templates for WhatsApp Business

May 7, 2022
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It’s a snap to talk to your WhatsApp Business customers using WhatsApp quick replies, greetings, away messages, and labels. All of these WhatsApp tools make communication easier and help you maintain customer satisfaction.

But, if you want to crank it up a notch and deliver even faster customer service and more effective sales messages to your customers, it’s time for your business to start using WhatsApp templates. In this post, we’re going to show you how.

Because the WhatsApp Business app doesn’t include a templates feature, connecting WhatsApp Business with Trengo is an ideal way to access a very powerful marketing tool: business templates.

With Trengo, you can create templates to send personalized sales messages to your customers who use WhatsApp including order status updates, shipping and delivery notifications, reservation confirmations, appointment reminders, and any other info your customers need to stay up to date and satisfied with your service.

Ready to learn how? Going forward, this article will cover:

  • Working with WhatsApp Business and Trengo
  • How to create a WhatsApp sales message template in Trengo
  • Examples of sales template messages you create in Trengo
  • Tips on how to write an effective WhatsApp sales message template.

Working with WhatsApp Business and Trengo

Before creating and sending your first sales message template in Trengo, you may need to set up a few components and connections. Here’s what you’ll need before you get started:

How to create a WhatsApp sales message template using Trengo

When all of your accounts and connections are ready, it’ll be easy to create your first sales message template.

  • Register with 360dialog.
  • Retrieve the API key that you’ll need when you add your template to the Trengo platform.
  • Use our easy-to-follow instructions to build your first template using 360dialog.

What kinds of messages can you automate and personalize with sales templates? Let’s look at some options.

Examples of WhatsApp Business sales templates you can create in Trengo

Here are a couple of examples of messages you can send in WhatsApp with templates. Once you start using templates to save time, you and your sales team will probably think of more you can make to save even more time.

Product update message template

This template is ideal for informing your customers about an order update:

Hello {{1}}!

We wanted you to know that we have received your order, # {{2}}. Thank you!

As soon as your order is ready for shipment, we will update you.

Your estimated delivery date is {{3}}.

Thanks and have a great day!


List of variables:

1=First Name

2= The order number

3=Shipment date

4=Name or department in the signature line

Free gift and newsletter offer

This template is a great tool for letting your existing customers know about a great deal.

Hi {{1}},

Thank you for being a loyal customer of ABC Company. For the month of {{2}}, we are offering our VIP members a free gift.

If you’re not a VIP member yet. It’s easy to sign up. Just go to our website and click on VIP Membership. Once you’re a member, you’ll start receiving our company newsletter chock full of great deals for the month of {{3}}, and of course, your free gift will be sent upon signup.

Thank you once again for your patronage.



List of variables:

1=First Name

2=Month your business is extending the free gift offer

3=Month customer will receive newsletter

4=Name or department in the signature line

Need more template inspiration? Read about how to use Trengo Quick Replies and check out our series of welcome message templates for new customers.

Tips on how to write an effective WhatsApp Business sales template

When you’re creating your template, keep in mind that WhatsApp must approve all templates before you can use them via Trengo. It’s wise to review the template conditions to guide you as you write your template, so you can get it approved and start using it as quickly as possible.

The following tips can help you make a WhatsApp sales message template that can be approved quickly by WhatsApp without the need for major revisions:

  • Name your template according to WhatsApp’s guidelines, using only lowercase letters and numbers and an underscore.
  • Make sure the language you select for your template is the same as the content in your message. So, if you choose the English language for your template, your message needs to be in English as well.
  • Check to be sure your sales template message is free of spelling errors. WhatsApp won’t approve it if there are mistakes.
  • Make sure you enter the parameters of your variables, as shown in the template examples above. Each variable, such as name, date, and signature block, gets its own number. To correctly show WhatsApp parameters, you use two brackets on the left of your variable and two to the right. It looks like this: {{1}}, {{2}}, {{3}}

Start working with sales message templates

Now that you’re ready to create your own WhatsApp sales message templates, there’s no end to the many ways you can tailor your messages to delight your customers and grow your business. Your sales team will appreciate not having to create and type out personalized messages every time they reach out to a customer. Your customer will enjoy your easy-to-read messages and your team’s fast responses.

Try out Trengo for 14 days, completely free of charge.


Where do I go if I have questions about WhatsApp’s template submissions and guidelines?

Visit WhatsApp to check to be sure your template meets the WhatsApp guidelines.

Can I create and send sales message templates using a partner other than 360dialog?

Yes, Trengo also partners with Twilio and Keyreply and has separate instructions for each.

Is there a video tutorial I can watch to help me create my WhatsApp Business template?

Yes, check out our video on WhatsApp Business template setup.

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