3 ways to offer a WhatsApp chat on your website

May 19, 2022
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WhatsApp is becoming increasingly popular for businesses to use as a customer contact channel, as more and more customers want to keep in touch with businesses through their favourite channel. And for most Dutch people, that channel is WhatsApp. As many as nine out of ten Dutch people are active on WhatsApp.

So it makes sense that you want to reach customers via their favourite channel. And want to add WhatsApp chat to your website. This can be done in 3 different ways:

- Click-to-chat

- QR-Code

- Trengo Multichannel widget

We'll walk you through it!

1. Click-to-chat

With the click-and-chat feature, customers instantly start a chat by clicking on a link. This does not require storing phone numbers in your phone first. Because customers click and the chat starts immediately. This works for both the smartphone app and WhatsApp Web.Link, for example, "WhatsApp us!" directly to WhatsApp. Or a fully written out phone number. Easy!

Want to create a click-to-chat link? You can do that here: https://wa.me/[WhatsAppNummer]. And in the place of 'WhatsApp Number', enter the intended number.

The click-and-chat link you create is useful for on your contact page. But do you want to use WhatsApp for the entire customer journey? Then placing the link everywhere can look a bit messy. Therefore, look at the other options.

 2. QR-Code

Want to chat with customers? But need to add contacts first? Then this operation turns out to be just a little too cumbersome and slow. Especially when you want to use WhatsApp to connect with customers quickly. Because customers then have to:

  1. First look up your phone number online
  2. Then save the number as a contact on the phone (resulting in a giant contact list)
  3. And, finally navigate to WhatsApp and look you up there first. Before the chatting can begin.

This doesn't take hours. But this is also not the most flawless customer experience.

That is why companies are increasingly using a QR code. In order to easily direct contacts to WhatsApp.

This is because regular consumers simply display a QR code in the app on their phone. While businesses place the QR code on their website. This makes it easy for customers to get in touch with you!

Again, this starts with creating a click-and-chat link. As we explained above. You then convert this link into a QR code via websites such as QR Code TotaalQR Code Generator or QR Code Monkey.

The QR code is a good solution. Want to try it yourself to see how a customer experiences it? Then try adding our Trengo WhatsApp via a QR code:

Een QR code om WhatsApp als chat op je website beschikbaar te maken

 3. Trengo multichannel widget

Where the click-and-chat link and the QR code are both good solutions to let your customers quickly connect with you via WhatsApp. Is the best way to offer WhatsApp as a chat on your website: the multichannel chat widget. Like the one from Trengo. Because customers choose WhatsApp via the website widget. And they instantly engage with you via their favourite channel!

But isn't their favourite channel WhatsApp? Then they also easily choose live chat, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Telegram and SMS via the widget.

Trengo multichannel widget
An example of a website widget with WhatsApp as one of the available channels.

Customers always quickly get in touch with your company through their favourite channel. Whether that is WhatsApp or not. All messages, from all your channels, arrive in one inbox. This way, your team keeps a good overview and you don't have to keep clicking from channel to channel.

Add the WhatsApp chat to your website

Trengo is a WhatsApp Business solution provider. And can not only add WhatsApp to your other channels, but also bring everything together. Before you know it, you will be using WhatsApp through Trengo with multiple users. And working efficiently with the support team on communication via WhatsApp. Where you can also @tag your colleagues in the shared inbox and assign messages to specific colleagues or teams.

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