How Betersport successfully scaled their customer service

"We're way more efficient and help our customers faster than we did before."
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Since the COVID-19 outbreak, sports fanatics across the world have been forced to work out at home. Betersport, an online store that sells everything from home trainers to sports nutrition, has been busier than ever to help customers build their home gyms. Betersport's customer service team struggled to keep an overview of all the incoming inquiries. Both the number of customers and incoming messages on all of their channels went through the roof.

Betersport had to drastically change its approach to customer communication to keep up with its sudden growth. And in order to do so, they turned to Trengo's customer service platform. We spoke with Bryan Reinders, head of sales, after-sales, and customer service at Betersport, to find out how using Trengo helps his team to efficiently manage their customer communication.

How did your team manage customer communication before Trengo?

We used to have a separate tool for every single channel. This means we had to constantly click back and forth between email, live chat, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

Every team member used to be responsible for one channel. If a customer would reach out via multiple channels, we would answer them multiple times too. And when the COVID-19 crisis started, it was as if our inbox exploded. Besides gym equipment, we also started to sell a lot more trampolines.

At one point, we started to receive so many incoming messages that we had to close down the live chat, WhatsApp and Facebook. We only accepted contact via phone and email for a while, just to keep an overview of all the conversations. Managing all the channels separately had simply become too chaotic. That's when we decided to start using Trengo.

Can you explain how your team uses Trengo?

We started off by simply connecting all our communication channels to Trengo. By doing so, everybody in the team can manage conversations via any channel in one view. If a customer reaches out on multiple channels at the same time, we can easily spot this and only reply to one of the messages. Before, we would probably have replied to all of them. This means we're way more efficient now and can help our customers faster than before.

"We're way more efficient now and can help our customers faster than before."

As time progressed, we also learned more about Trengo's other features and started using the Flowbot.

What is the Flowbot helping you to do?

We set up the Flowbot because we didn't have enough time to answer all the incoming messages via our live chat. Besides that, a lot of the questions via live chat were similar, mostly about order statuses or cancellations. We wanted to automate the process of answering these questions with a bot.

Our Flowbot gives customers the information they seek via multiple-choice questions. First, customers are asked what they want to know more about. After they select an option, the bot supplies them with the requested information, right within the chat.

We've designed our bot to figure out which customers need to be forwarded to an employee. Some customers simply don't want to talk to a bot, they just want to be heard. Our bot recognizes these customers by the answers they give and knows exactly when they have to be forwarded to our customer service team.

"Our bot knows exactly when a customer has to be forwarded to our customer service team."

The bot is saving our team a lot of time. A couple of days ago, it took care of 158 questions in a day.

Besides starting with Trengo, what else did Betersport do to keep up with its growth?

Our entire company has grown from 18 to 36 employees in a year. Besides more manpower in our customer-facing teams, we also had to hire more people in other departments, such as marketing and logistics.

With Trengo, onboarding new customer service colleagues is way easier than before. Earlier, they had to get accustomed to every single channel and tool we used. This usually took about two to three weeks. Now, new hires only need about a day to get used to Trengo and they're ready to get started.

"Onboarding usually took about two to three weeks. Now, new hires only need about a day to get used to Trengo."

Do you have any plans to use more Trengo features in the future?

We've noticed that most questions from our customers are similar. We've already tried to make answering these questions more efficient. For instance, we have a number of quick replies that our agents can use to quickly answer a frequently asked question.

In the future, we also want to set up a Help Center on our website. This will help customers to quickly find answers to common questions all by themselves.

How did Betersport make it happen?

These are the things Betersport did to offer the best possible customer service with Trengo.

1. Connected their communication channels to Trengo
With Trengo, Betersport's customer-facing teams only need one platform to manage all their communication channels. From email and phone to live chat and Facebook.

2. Set up a Flowbot
Betersport set up a Flowbot to help to answer frequently asked questions. In Trengo, you can easily create your own bot without any knowledge of coding. Learn how you can do this too.

3. Created quick replies
With quick replies, Betersport's team has to spend less time manually writing answers to frequently asked questions. Learn how to set up quick replies.



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