Conversational Flowbots

More leads and less questions with Flowbots

chat_bubble_outlineHelp the customer directly through automated conversations
group_addReplace static forms with a powerfull Chatbot Flow
view_moduleLess hours in support and saves more time and money

Meet Flowbots

Adopt this powerfull automation tool on every messaging & chat channel we offer

Create an intelligent chatbot within just a few minutes and start gathering extra leads or helping more customers. Trengo's powerful Conversational Chatbot Configurator gives everyone the ability to build a chatbot, even without any technical knowledge. Implement the chatbot seamlessly onto communication channels such as WhatsApp, Live chat, Facebook Messenger, SMS and/or Telegram. 

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The Chatbot builder

No technical knowledge required

Trengo's Chatbot Configurator gives every organisation without technical knowledge the opportunity to create multiple flows within just a few minutes. Besides, these flows can be activated on multiple channels. Whenever the chatbot transfers a conversation to an employee or team of employees, every message will be send to Trengo, no matter the communication channel that's used. This way Trengo provides your organisation with a complete omnichannel solution! 

Receive leads 24/7

Always online via the powerfull website chat

Combine the Flowbot technology with the Trengo Live chat to turn your chat into a powerful marketing and sales machine. Create leads 24/7 without the need of an employee. Add the "Greetings" module (Marketing automation) and gain insights into which pop-up messages gain the most leads, clicks or conversions on your website. 

Chatbot features

The add-on for B2B and B2C communication

toggle_on  Drag & drop

Our chatbot is easy to set up to the wishes of your organization.

alarm  24/7 available

Collect more leads through newer, better and faster channels.

check_circle_outline  Reliable

Build powerful flows to make the chatbot ask questions and help the customer better and faster.

library_add  Self-learning

Make Chatbots smarter with all the questions that are asked.

people  Teamplayer

After collecting the correct information, the chatbot can pass the conversation on to an available employee.

Help customers within minutes

Use menus to funnel the customer and help them faster

Every organisation can use this customer friendly Flowbot builder to easily create a menu with options for the Chatbot. The Flowbot asks the right questions to customers and immediately provides the customer the right information. 

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Use it on every channel

A powerful omnichannel solution for modern organizations

Due to smart use of technologies the Chatbot can be implemented on every messaging channel, like WhatsApp, Live-Chat, Facebook Messenger, SMS or Telegram. Meet the multi-channel solution Trengo has to offer your organisation and experience the craftmanship created with passion starting today. 

Provide the right information in no time

Show data from an external system in the conversation

Ask the customer for information during the conversation and due to smart integrations it is possible to collect data from the organisation's software. Gathering and sharing information about orders or delivery statuses becomes a piece of cake this way. This sky is the limit! 

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