How Volero reduced their customer service response time with Trengo

"The transition to Trengo, including all integrations, was successfully handled within a week."

Reduced response time by 64%

30% more efficient team

Integrated with 2 core tools

Lekkerkerk, Netherlands
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Customer service is one of the most important departments within Volero. Gwenda Miog —E-commerce Manager— wants Volero to deliver great customer experiences. For that reason, she chose Trengo as their new customer service platform. The result? Within six short months, the customer service response time was already significantly reduced. Instead of waiting 8.5 hours, customers now get an answer within 5.5 hours. On top of that, the customer service team works a lot more efficiently.

Gwenda Miog by Volero

"The transition to Trengo, including all integrations, was successfully handled within a week."

Gwenda Miog, E-commerce Manager at Volero

Volero showroom

The goals

Volero is the biggest web shop for rugs in the Netherlands. They sell rugs for the living room, bedroom, nursery, and garden. Every day hundreds of questions come in via email, chat, and social media. Volero looked for a customer service platform to:

  • Make it easy for customer service agents to communicate with customers
  • Efficiently organise incoming questions of all different channels
  • Help reply quickly and consistently to customers.
Lisanne Snijder by Volero

Trengo's solution

Volero chose Trengo as the customer service platform for all their incoming questions. All emails and live chats pop up on Trengo’s platform. Customer service agents can easily select a quick reply — thanks to labels. The integrations with Lightspeed and Picqer give the team direct insights into the order and delivery status. All without having to switch tabs.

The impact

The implementation of Trengo has resulted into the following outcomes for Volero:

  • The customer service response time went from 8.5 hours to 5.5 hours
  • The team now works efficiently based on different labels
  • The Lightspeed and Picqer integrations instantly show order and shipment details.



favourite Trengo functionalities

Feature ·
Gauge customer satisfaction with your service and improve your processes with automated surveys.
Feature ·
Monitor conversation volume, track agent performance, and ensure you’re making the right moves for a successful future.
Feature ·
Deliver information to customers even when your team is offline with pre-written and automated responses.
Feature ·
Augment the quality of customer conversations you're having in Trengo with data and information from tools you're already using.
Feature ·
Make it easier for your team to prioritise work by defining conversation types and automatically tagging them as they arrive.
Feature ·
Live Chat
Keep the lights on 24/7 with live chats that provide service even outside working hours so you never miss a customer conversation.
"Trengo helps us create a solid foundation for our customer engagement, allowing us to grow without compromising quality."
Hans van Mourik
Company ·
“Our goal was to streamline our lead generation process, on all channels, while ensuring a personalised approach. In the process we've achieved a 70% higher response rate."
Gwenda Miog
Company ·
Alfrink Cosmetic

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