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Live chat

Connect, converse and convert in real-time

Outstanding experiences don’t consist of long wait times


Help, service and resolve fast

When it takes too long to respond to conversations, customers leave. Use Live chat to offer instant support and updates on all the channels that customers need and expect them.

90% of customers rate an ‘immediate’ response as very important (HubSpot research). With the Live chat, picking up speed is easy.


Reach out first

Chat greetings on the right page, or an extremely helpful help center article at the right time. Prompts like this are the difference between customers leaving and memorable, valuable experiences.

Within a competitive market, personalisation is essential for brand loyalty. Plus 54% of consumers expect nothing short of highly personalised experiences.

Live chat automation

Free up your team

Automated chatbots can hold conversations while solving FAQs or redirecting customers to the right team member or team.

Parfumado uses a flowbot to handle 20% of the conversations within minutes, without the help of an employee.

Create experiences for loyal customers

From Support

Give the right answers fast

With all customer data consolidated in the inbox, everything is in place for speedy replies. Your team can see full customer profiles, points of contact and deal sizes, next to every conversation.


Personalise touchpoints

Track your web visitors and connect with them when it matters. Is there a sale on? Reach out to customers currently viewing web pages with a newsletter sign up and a discount code.

and Sales

Up- and cross sell effortlessly

Via pre-chat forms, the Live chat remembers customers and their data. Don’t let your pipeline run empty but maximise the contact info and follow up at the right time for conversion.


“Our support team was 30% more productive by using Trengo's automation and we saw our resolution time drop from 24 hours to +/- 14 hours.”


One chat. All channels

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Reach your customers wherever they are

Live Chat

Decrease the amount of abandoned carts. When customers are stuck fix and solve with live chat bots in real-time.


Meet customer expectations and always let them know the status of their orders. Follow up and inform directly.


Be where your customers are. Use the most popular messaging platform worldwide to connect.

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Take your first steps towards more personalised interactions with your customers, better engagement with your leads, and happier, more effective teams.