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Start a personal connection with your clients

Since everyone has a mobile phone, text messages are still the number one customer contact solution. Your client receives your message instantly, wherever he is. From marketing campaigns to appointment reminders: texting is a communication channel for every company!

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Import lists of phone numbers and keep your clients posted.

Inform and respond

Inform your clients via text messages and respond to their reply.


Remind clients of their appointments and reduce ‘no show’ by 60 percent.


Send promotions and reminders easily

Reach your audience on their mobile phones, wherever they are

Realtime delivery

Send messages via our business texting route, ensuring that they are delivered immediately.


Plan (bulk)messages and generate leads

Send messages worldwide at defined times and respond to incoming SMS with your colleagues



This is how you can connect with your (prospective) customers

Send bulk messages

Import phone numbers and send messages to a large group of people at once.

Schedule messages

Schedule the sending of messages automatically at selected times.

Send promotions

Send links and trigger the person who receives the message to act.


With a mobile phone number we provide, your clients can respond via text message.

Internal communications

Keep your employees informed about important news or meetings.

Company chat

Get in touch with your colleagues, team or business units easily and directly.

Redirect conversations

Simply redirect a conversation to a colleague or team.

Email conversations

Quickly send a whole customer conversation to an email address.

Notes and comments

Add notes and comments to a conversation or client information to inform your colleagues.

Multi-user & teams

Create teams, add colleagues and improve your customer contact together.

Online inbox

Mobile device, tablet or PC? You are always connected through our online inbox.

iOS/Android app

Install our app for iOS or Android and receive push notifications when new messages are received.


Receive notifications in your email box or browser when new messages enter.

Multi website widget

Connect to your customers easily via all social media channels.

Multi language widget

Show another language for foreign website visitors.

Ticket system

Our team inbox shows which messages your colleagues already answered.


Generate all the statistics you need on social media channels, the performance of teams or individual colleagues.

On-line/off-line status

All colleagues can easily adjust their status, so you know who is available for answering customer questions.

Advanced search

Find contacts and messages easily.


Organize your customer service and take it easy

One inbox bring all communication together


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