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Keep the conversation going

Reach out and delight customers


Be active on the same channels as customers

In order for touchpoints to count, your team needs to reach out on active channels. People carry their phone everywhere they go and the SMS open rate of 98% shows it.

SMS might sound outdated, but the great thing about channels that aren’t as popular as email is that your message will stand out.

SMS automation

Anticipate inquiries before they arise

Be the first to reach out with order updates, back-in-stock messages and much more to notify customers. This way FAQs won’t even make it to your inbox, saving your team time.

For other FAQs set up a flowbot. Because conversational AI can save teams even more effort and time.

sms insights

Know where to improve

Unfocused messages are not a cost effective way of engagement. Tracking response and resolution time plus the quality of conversations in your dashboard is. Know the status of performance and where to pivot.

Parfumado checked their data and found out that an automated chatbot could help them handle at least 20% of FAQs on its own within minutes.

Set up omnichannel and leave a lasting impression

From Support

Respond and solve at speed

All SMS conversations appear in the same inbox. And full customer profiles including contact moments and order value show up next to conversations. This way everything is in place to provide answers fast.


Make outbound count

With an open rate of 98% SMS is a perfect channel to add to your campaign. Did your target audience leave your mail unopened? Follow up via SMS and ensure conversion.

and Sales

Track opportunities

Your sales team can tune in to the customer and look at all SMS reminders, incentives and other conversations. Keep track of needs and wants and know when to cross- and upsell.


"During high season, we saw a 700% increase in customer inquiries across five different communication channels and were able to handle these with ease because of Trengo”


A conversation that starts with an SMS...

might end up on WhatsApp. Make sure your inbox contains all the channels you need to successfully reach out to your customers.

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Reach your customers wherever they are

Live Chat

Decrease the amount of abandoned carts. When customers are stuck fix and solve in real-time.


Meet customer expectations and always let them know the status of their orders. Follow up and inform directly.


Be where your customers are. Use the most popular messaging platform worldwide to connect.

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