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Interact at scale

Outbound conversations will become a breeze. Reach out, follow up and ask for feedback to large segments of customers, in one go.


Catch up with your audience from any device

Be sure to meet customers where they are. Resolve conversations at speed, by ensuring your team is able to reply from any channel, location and all devices. All from one platform.


Tailor messages without extra effort

Set up Telegram welcome messages, delivery notifications or product updates to be sent automatically. This way customers will enter a personalised customer journey, feel heard and end up as return customers.

Live chat automation

Follow through with continuous support

Set up the Live Chat and add your Telegram channel so customers who visit your website will see that your team is willing to help out, even after office hours. The Live Chat will answer FAQs, update customers and send notifications for your team to pick up in the morning.

Lead generation

From touchpoints to revenue

Never miss an opportunity again. Send large outbound campaigns and track interaction, or give messages a funnel stage label according to their content.

Through all insights provided by the platform your Sales team is always on top of conversions. Want to find out what else your Sales team will benefit from?

Data insights

Give your team direction

Dive into the data to find out what’s working and what isn’t. Resolution time, first response time, your CSAT-score, Telegram polls, they are all indicators of target audience expectations, wants and needs. Use them and ensure your team is optimising all time and effort.

Dive into your CSAT-score to create a 360 view of your customers.


“Trengo's location finder will automatically forwards conversations to the right location, and saves us time.”


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