Make calls wherever you are


Receive (customer service) calls in one team inbox

Often your customer service may have contact with a client in different ways. For example: a client may send an email and calls you subsequently to get a direct answer to his question.

Trengo can match a call with an email address in the corresponding client profile. You know immediately who your client is and how he contacted you. It gives you a clear overview and prevents extra work.

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Up and running in one minute

Just pick a phone number and start calling via the Trengo inbox!

No phone needed

The new way of working: replacing static phones with headsets, which are connected to your computer.

Add notes to a call

An incoming call automatically becomes a conversation. You can easily add notes to a call.


Forwarding calls

Forward a call to colleagues in seconds

Simply dialing

Allow inbound - and outbound calls at any place on the world via the team inbox.


The real feel of calling

Dialing just works the way you are used to

Number selection

Choose phone numbers easily

Instant available phone numbers for your organization

Go global with Trengo

Does your organization want to do business at national or international level? Your calling needs are in good hands with Trengo. In just clicks, you own a European or international number, and start calling.


Powerful self-management

Easy to use voice management for your company


Call with WebRTC

This is how you can easily make calls

Record conversations

Record your conversations and listen to them later.

Voice and welcome message

Upload or record a voice message.

Cost insight

Check realtime conversation costs.

Global phone numbers

We provide worldwide phone numbers for your company.

Caller ID

Use a different Caller ID for outgoing calls.

Waiting time

Determine waiting time before transferring to voicemail.


Determine how many customers are allowed in the queue.

Internal transfer

Transfer internal calls to a colleague.

Company chat

Get in touch with your colleagues, team or business units easily and directly.

Redirect conversations

Simply redirect a conversation to a colleague or team.

Email conversations

Quickly send a whole customer conversation to an email address.

Notes and comments

Add notes and comments to a conversation or client information to inform your colleagues.

Multi-user & teams

Create teams, add colleagues and improve your customer contact together.

Online inbox

Mobile device, tablet or PC? You are always connected through our online inbox.

iOS/Android app

Install our app for iOS or Android and receive push notifications when new messages are received.


Receive notifications in your email box or browser when new messages enter.

Multi website widget

Connect to your customers easily via all social media channels.

Multi language widget

Show another language for foreign website visitors.

Ticket system

Our team inbox shows which messages your colleagues already answered.


Generate all the statistics you need on social media channels, the performance of teams or individual colleagues.

On-line/off-line status

All colleagues can easily adjust their status, so you know who is available for answering customer questions.

Advanced search

Find contacts and messages easily.


Organize your customer service and take it easy

One inbox bring all communication together


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