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How to measure customer service performance (even while working remotely)

Written byLiselot Hofman
How to measure customer service performance when working remotely

Your customer service team makes customers happy every day. But as a manager, you may not know how they do it, or what the exact results are. Especially since most of us have started working remotely, this has become extra hard.

That’s why managers resort to analytics. In customer service software tools such as Trengo, you can get access to important metrics such as reaction speed, how long it takes to close tickets, and which channels are most popular with your customers.

With these insights, your team can improve themselves and make customers even happier than before.

To measure is to know

Measuring customer service performance will provide you with interesting insights. From there, you can improve your team’s performance and set KPI’s.

So, what can we measure exactly? Here are some examples:

  • The overall team productivity
  • Results on individual agents
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Frequently asked questions
  • (Almost) anything you want to know

Measuring these things used to take a lot of time. You had to do some observations, conversations, searching, and maybe even some math.


If you’re anything like me, you will want to prevent these types of math at all costs. That’s why I’ll share 4 ways you can measure your customer service performance in Trengo. Even when you’re working remotely.

4 ways you can measure customer service performance

1. Analyze your team’s productivity

Statistics in Trengo give you an overview of the productivity of your agents. You can check the exact number of closed conversations per agent and the busy schedule that lays ahead of them.

This way, you can easily manage who is doing what. For example: schedule individual meetings when your agents have the time.

2. Get statistics on response and handling time

Statistics of the response time show how long it takes for a customer to receive a response. Handling time has to do with the time between assigning and concluding a conversation.

It is possible to filter all statistics on a channel, period, user, or label. Using these filters will give you more precise information.

For example, you can check if remote work in any way affects your team’s productivity.

measure customer service performance

3. Check incoming and closed conversations

Trengo’s statistics give you a good overview of all incoming and closed conversations. It is again possible to filter on, for example, channels and find out your most used communication channel.

4. Get statistics on personalized labels

When you are using labels in Trengo, the statistics of these labels can also be displayed. For example: when using the label leads, you can see the exact number of acquired leads in a certain period.

Tips on improving customer service performance

You have measured your team’s performance. Good! Now what? I will give you some tips to start improving their performance.

Share the statistics with your team

The point of measuring customer service performance is to share the results with your team and achieve your KPIs. In Trengo, you can easily export the statistics as a CSV file and share it with your colleagues.

Tip: when working remotely, you can share a link including the statistics.


Use tools to improve your team’s performance

After you have done your measurements, you probably found some numbers you would like to improve. For instance, some of your agents might need:

  • More training
  • More product information
  • Rules on collaboration

Trengo offers tools to help you improve your team’s performance as well. I will give you some examples:

  • You can improve your team’s response time by using quick replies
  • You can help your team handle frequently asked questions by creating a help center
  • You can assist your team after closing time by adding a chatbot or flowbot to your team

Take the ruler

It’s time to put the measurement into practice. Get your free trial of Trengo now, and start exploring the ways you can measure customer service performance. 📊

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Written by Liselot Hofman

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