WhatsApp customer support tool

WhatsApp customer support tool

Nowadays everyone makes use of WhatsApp. Worldwide more than 1,5 Billion people are using the app daily for communication with friends and family. WhatsApp has recently launched WhatsApp Business enabling businesses to communicate with clients via WhatsApp. In this blog, we will explain how you can implement WhatsApp as a customer support tool.

  • WhatsApp for Business.
  • WhatsApp Business for multiple users.
  • Advantages WhatsApp for customer service.
  • Only WhatsApp as a customer support tool?
  • To conclude.

WhatsApp for Business.

Since the launch of the official WhatsApp Business application for your mobile phone and the WhatsApp Business API, it is possible to use WhatsApp for your client communication. WhatsApp Business is meant for delivering customer support or sending clients updates via WhatsApp Business Message Templates.

The big advantage of WhatsApp Business is that you can create a company profile and show extra information like company name, company address and business hours. It is also possible to reply with automated messages or an out-of-office reply, making sure a customer receives the right information after reaching out to you. Labelling is also a feature that enables you to create a clear overview of your contacts.

WhatsApp inbox

WhatsApp Business for multiple users.

The WhatsApp Business application for mobile devices can only be used by one person at a time. That is why WhatsApp launched the WhatsApp Business API enabling multiple employees to chat at the same time.

Trengo collaborates with multiple WhatsApp Business API providers and enables businesses to communicate via WhatsApp. All WhatsApp messages will be collected in the Trengo shared team inbox that enables users to pick up WhatsApp messages, assign messages to a specific colleague, tag a colleague and chat internally.

Advantages WhatsApp for customer service.

To make your life easier we listed all the advantages of using WhatsApp as a customer service tool:

  • Massive reach: More than 1,5 billion users worldwide.
  • Easy and fast: Customers usually always have a phone with WhatsApp.
  • Automate conversations: Using the Trengo WhatsApp Chatbot.

Only WhatsApp as a customer support tool?

WhatsApp is great as a channel for client communication. What would be even better is offering multiple communication channels to your customers. This way customers can choose their preferred communication channel to reach out to you.

The Trengo customer support software does not only integrate WhatsApp but also E-mail, Facebook Messenger, Live chat, Voice & SMS into one shared team inbox. Enabling teams to work smart and efficiënt.

Communication channels

To conclude.

Is WhatsApp a good customer support tool? Definitely! WhatsApp is ideal as a customer support tool. Still, I would like to give you two recommendations:

  • Do not only use WhatsApp but also other channels, every customer has their preferred way of contacting you. Give them the freedom to also e-mail or call you.
  • Collaborate with multiple employees in a shared team inbox like Trengo, this way it is easier to answer questions from customers.

If you need more information regarding WhatsApp and customer service feel free to contact us. We are always ready to help you out.

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