Why Trengo is the best FrontApp alternative

Jan 27, 2023
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Looking for a FrontApp alternative? In this article, you’ll learn why Trengo is the best alternative to FrontApp. 

A platform can do the trick if you want to boost your customer communication. However, there are so many platforms out there. It’s difficult to make the right decision for your business. Think about pricing, collaboration options, and automation. Whatever customer communication platform fits your company, depends on the needs of you and your team. 

The difference between Trengo and FrontApp? Here are 5 reasons why Trengo is the best alternative for FrontApp. 

  1. Trengo is more affordable
  2. FrontApp was built for email, Trengo was built for all channels
  3. Trengo enables you to build your own chatbot (without code)
  4. FrontApp allows tagging, Trengo enables complete team collaboration
  5. Trengo offers self-service options

Let’s dive into the most important differences! 

1. Trengo is more affordable

The first reason why Trengo is the best alternative to FrontApp? Trengo is more affordable. 

Having your customer communication in one place is great. Paying a decent price is even better. It’s no secret that FrontApp is pretty pricey. That’s all right of course if there are no competitors in the market. But when it comes to customer communication platforms, the competition is skyrocketing. That’s why we understand if you’re looking for an alternative for Front.

Whether you keep tabs on the budget or you have a manager lurking over your shoulder, you should never pay too much. These are the main differences between Trengo and Front when it comes to pricing: 


The starter package starts at $19 USD per person per month. The grow package starts at $17 USD per person per month. The growth package starts at $49 USD per person per monthThe scale package starts at $33 per person per monthThe scale package starts at $99 USD per person per monthThe enterprise package starts at $45 USD per person per monthYou pay annuallyYou can choose to pay monthly or annually

The bigger the package, the bigger the difference in pricing. If you choose the enterprise package, Trengo offers half of the price of FrontApp. That saves you over 50% in costs. 

Let’s do the math. If you have 10 employees that want to use the new communication platform, you pay $990 per month at Front. If you choose Trengo, you pay $450 per month. 

If you have 50 employees that use the platform, you pay $4950 at Front and $2250 at Trengo. 

Obviously, the packages aren’t exactly the same, so do make sure to check out what the exact differences are.

A review of Front on G2
A review from a Front user

2. FrontApp was built for email, Trengo was built for all channels

However, it’s not all about money. The functionalities are important too. Are you interested in a FrontApp alternative that takes care of all customer communication platforms in one? Trengo is the better choice. Here’s why. 

Do you solely communicate with your customers via email? Probably not. Chances are that you also communicate via social media channels like WhatsApp and Instagram. Here’s the big difference between Trengo and Front: 


Built to replace emailBuilt to support all communication channels and enable an omnichannel approach

You can add multiple channels to Front, but there is no direct integration with the most important messaging app out there: WhatsApp Business. To use it, you will have to connect to a third party. 

While FrontApp started multiple communication channels later on, their focus has always been on email. They always spoke about how Front was a new way of managing email.

Trengo, however, was built to support all communication channels. Our mission is to enable an omnichannel approach. For every new communication channel out there or every new feature there is, we strive to update our software as soon as possible. So you can take care of all your communication channels in one single place.

3. Trengo enables you to build your own chatbot (without code)

Another reason to choose Trengo as Frontapp alternative? We enable you to build your own chatbot. Front doesn’t support chatbots at all. Haven’t considered a chatbot yet? Here’s why you want one.


No chatbot supportChatbot support for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and more.
High message volumes? Multiple communication channels? Communication after closing hours? Do those sound familiar? The possibility that you can answer every single message 24/7 is very unlikely. Unless... you use a chatbot. 

A chatbot communicates with customers when you are unavailable, busy, or want to speed up the response time. In Trengo, you can set up your chatbot on WhatsApp and various other communication channels. 

How does a chatbot work? The chatbot will understand certain keywords and formulate a reply. You can train the chatbot to become smarter every day by feeding it more keywords and answers. It’s a functionality that’s not supported by FrontApp. But if you ask us, the benefits of chatbots beat replying manually.

  • Your response time improves. Customers always get a reply. Either the chatbot or your team will answer the questions. When the chatbot can’t answer the question, it will let the customer know when customer service is available. 
  • You save loads of time. Chatbots can take care of frequently asked questions by simply recognizing keywords and sending prefilled replies. So the human agents can focus on the complex stuff.
  • Your chatbot collects leads. When your team is unavailable, the chatbot can collect customer information such as email addresses and names to get in touch with the potential customer later. It can even book appointments or schedule calls. 

You can easily set up a chatbot for WhatsApp in Trengo. You don’t need any code or programming skills. All you need is the WhatsApp API and this 3-minute video

An example of a chatbot via Trengo
An example of a chatbot interaction

4. FrontApp allows tagging, Trengo enables complete team communication

Why Trengo as an alternative to FrontApp? You can collaborate easily with your entire team. 

If you work together with different departments like sales, customer service, marketing, and finance, you know that questions from customers sometimes touch upon all those teams. So you can tag colleagues in Front, just like in Trengo, but you can’t start a conversation with an entire team. 


@tag colleagues@tag colleagues and start conversations with an entire team in groups

Do you use Slack, Yammer, email, or Teams to communicate internally? With Trengo, you can combine not only your customer communication in one tool, but also communicate internally. Think about tagging colleagues, starting a thread, or adding people to a group. This can be specifically handy in cases like:

  • Marketing. Discount codes, new products, or newsletters can bring up questions for customers. In Trengo you can set up an internal group and inform your colleagues about the marketing actions and collaborate on answers. Simply invite people to the group and send the message. 
  • Returns. If you have a physical product, you know that returns can be a lot of work. In Trengo you can add colleagues to a group and notify teams or individuals about tickets. So if there is a more general question, you can allow your colleagues to give an answer and think along. 
  • Finance. Are you hitting your monthly goal? Motivate colleagues and update them in a finance group. This way you keep up the team spirit and everyone stays informed. 
An example of internal collaboration with Trengo
An example of internal communication in Trengo

If you have all your customer communication in one channel, do the same for your internal communication. Go for efficiency with Team chat in Trengo.

5. Trengo offers self-service options

The last reason why Trengo is the best FrontApp alternative? Trengo gives you the possibility to set up a help center for your customers. And that’s something you really want, trust us! 


No self-service optionsPossibility to create your own help center.
Answering every question customers have takes a lot of time. And time is money. You can save money by creating a help center. Self-service helps customers find answers to questions themselves, without having to reach out to your customer service team. This is great for simple questions or busy times. With Trengo you can:

  • Publish articles. Enable customers to find answers to questions themselves by publishing insightful articles about your product or service. 
  • Search. Let customers easily navigate the help center by typing in a question or keyword. 
  • Match the help center to your branding. Create a seamless customer experience by adding your logo and colors to the help center. 
  • Offer help in multiple languages. Is your product or service international? The help center has the possibility to set up multiple languages. 

In Trengo, you can simply add the help center and start adding articles from there. Easy as that! 

An example of a help center built in Trengo
An example of a help center built in Trengo

Trengo: your FrontApp alternative

If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative to Front, look no further.

We offer: 

  • All your communication channels in one shared view
  • Automation for conversations and workflows 
  • Perfect team collaboration 

All without switching tabs and at a fair price. 

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