How to manage multiple WhatsApp Business accounts in one view

Apr 18, 2023
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Many businesses have multiple WhatsApp Business accounts.

It might be due to the fact that they have stores across multiple locations, and want separate WhatsApp Business accounts for separate locations. 

Or might have customers worldwide and want to cater to each of them in their local language. 

Whatever the reason, managing multiple WhatsApp Business accounts is time-consuming and tough. But what if we said there's a way you can manage all your Business account chats in one place?

Read ahead to learn more.

The benefits of managing multiple WhatsApp Business accounts in one view

#1. Clear overview

By managing multiple WhatsApp Business accounts in one view, you get access to a centralized dashboard that makes it easy to communicate and manage multiple WhatsApp Business accounts for you and your team.

This approach streamlines the communication process, ensuring team members can access conversations and respond promptly to customer inquiries leading to high customer satisfaction rates and increased service quality.

Additionally, a clear overview of all accounts helps prevent message duplication and confusion, ultimately fostering a more organized and efficient work environment.

#2. Easier to collaborate with colleagues

For starters, managing all your WhatsApp Business accounts in one place lets you assign messages to your team members automatically such that no customer query is left unanswered or is answered twice.

If you're managing multiple accounts, you also need a platform to communicate with your team to avoid confusion, and managing everything in one place does just that. It gives you an inbox where you can text or tag your team members, making it easier to collaborate with your team.

#3. Lower response times

Using a centralized platform to manage all your WhatsApp Business accounts in one place can lead to lower response times for several reasons:

  • Streamlined communication: By consolidating all your accounts, you create a more efficient workflow for your customer support or sales team. This allows them to access and respond to messages from multiple accounts in a single interface, minimizing the need to switch between multiple WhatsApp accounts.
  • Improved organization: Centralized management also helps to keep track of all conversations, ensuring that no messages go unnoticed. Your team can quickly identify new messages, prioritize them, and respond to customers faster.
  • Automated responses: Centralized management systems often come with features like chatbots or rule setting that can help provide instant answers to common questions or direct customers to the appropriate department. This reduces the time it takes for customers to receive a response.

#4. Easier to report on customer satisfaction and team performance

With all accounts managed in one place, it’s easier to monitor and analyze the overall performance of your customer service or sales team. 

You can identify the bottlenecks, assess individual and team response times, and implement improvements to further reduce response time.

WhatsApp Business multiple accounts: Why you need the API

Managing multiple accounts with an inflow of hundreds of messages is something that the regular WhatsApp Business app can’t do. So when you plan to set up multiple accounts for WhatsApp Business, you need to use the WhatsApp Business API.

WhatsApp Business API lets you work in teams, allot messages, automate repetitive tasks, and track WhatsApp support-related analytics to learn and optimize the process further.

One major benefit of using a WhatsApp Business API is that it helps with the collaboration of multiple accounts.

Handling customer chats on multiple Business accounts separately is time-consuming and inefficient. Wouldn't it be great if you had a single inbox to manage all the communication? 

We bet it'd make your life much easier, and WhatsApp Business API does just that! With the API, you can combine and see all your chats in one place, helping you and your team get a clear overview of all the incoming and outgoing messages.

Here are some other benefits your get by using the WhatsApp Business API via Trengo:

  • Team collaboration: Manage and answer WhatsApp messages with multiple users for efficient workload distribution
  • Send notifications: Automate notifications for order confirmations, appointment reminders, and shipping updates
  • Automate workflows: Set up auto-replies, quick replies, and automate tasks with rules and chatbots for better customer service
  • Measure performance: Access in-depth insights on response times, conversations, resolution times, and customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores
  • Bulk messaging: Send personalized marketing messages to up to 1000+ recipients daily for efficient communication
  • Website chat integration: Add WhatsApp chat to your website for seamless customer support even after they leave the site
  • Reply buttons: Improve response rates and streamline conversations with easy-to-use reply button options
  • Account verification: Increase trust and credibility by getting your WhatsApp Business API account verified with a green tick

👀 Note: WhatsApp enforces a 24-hour window for businesses to reply to customers, after which only approved template messages may be used for communication. This is done so that businesses can’t use WhatsApp for spam messaging.

How to set up multiple WhatsApp Business accounts in Trengo

1. If you have a Trengo account, go to Settings > Subscription settings and choose a paid plan to add multiple accounts. You can choose a plan depending on the number of accounts you want to add and other features you need.

2. Once you’ve chosen the plan and paid for it, you will be able to add multiple accounts to Trengo. To do so, go to Settings > Organizations > Users.

3. Click ‘Invite user’ and fill out the account details. 

And that’s it! You’ve successfully added a new user to your Trengo account. Now you can do the same for multiple WhatsApp Business accounts you own for your business.

With Trengo, multiple WhatsApp Business account management becomes efficient, easy, and quick. Apart from getting everything in one place, there are several other benefits of using Trengo to manage your WhatsApp accounts.

So just visit our website and sign up for a free trial today and manage multiple WhatsApp business accounts on one phone instead of 10.

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