40 ready-to-use WhatsApp notification templates for business

Apr 3, 2023
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Are you looking for a WhatsApp notification template? We’ve got you covered.

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world. And not just for talking to friends and family. WhatsApp Business has over 50 million users. It increases sales by 27% and improves conversion rates by 20%. That sounds like magic, right? 

In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about WhatsApp notifications. Along with 40 ready-to-use WhatsApp notification templates. Let’s start with some numbers. 

  • WhatsApp Business API messages have a 99% open rate 
  • 50% of the time businesses get a personal response 
  • The average open rate of an email is 22%

Need I say more? 

What are WhatsApp notifications

So WhatsApp notifications have a sky-high opening rate, spark conversation and drive conversion. But what exactly is a WhatsApp notification? 

A WhatsApp notification is a short outbound message that you send to customers via WhatsApp. You can use it at different stages of your funnel. Think about appointment reminders, order notifications, and shipping updates. That’s where WhatsApp notification templates come in.

It’s super easy to set up. 

How to send a WhatsApp notification to your customers

To reap the fruits of one's labor, you need the WhatsApp Business API and a customer engagement platform like Trengo. 

  • The WhatsApp Business API allows you to automate communication to multiple customers at the same time and keeps you GDPR compliant. 
  • Trengo helps you automate and schedule WhatsApp notifications. 

Once you have both, there are two ways to send out WhatsApp notifications: 

Do you want to get started with sending WhatsApp notifications? We’ve made it as easy as possible for you. Here’s a list of 40 ready-to-use WhatsApp notification templates you can use yourself. 

Go ahead, copy and paste! 

40 WhatsApp notification templates you can copy and paste right now

Whatever industry you work in, there are plenty of templates available. Choose the WhatsApp notification template that works best for you. 

Order notifications

  1. Thank you for your order at [brand]. You’ll hear from us as soon as your order is on its way! 
  2. Thank you for your order at [brand]. You’ll have your [product] in [number] of days. If you have any questions, shoot us a message!
  3. Done! You’re order [order number] has been placed. As soon as your order is on its way, we’ll let you know! 

Welcome messages

  1. Welcome to [brand]! If you need any help, we are just a message away. See you soon at [brand]. 
  2. Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter! Here is your personal discount code [code]. Use it and get 15% off all our products. Happy shopping! 
  3. Hello [name]! Welcome to our community. Do you want to get to know [brand]? Watch our introductory video [link]. 

Payment requests

  1. Thank you for your order [order number]. Attached you can find the invoice. You can pay within [number] days. Do you want to pay via credit card? Simply click on this link [link]. 
  2. This is a reminder of your invoice [order number]. The [amount] is due today. You can pay the invoice in the app or simply click on this link [link].
  3. It’s not too late! The invoice for your order [order number] hasn’t been paid yet. You can pay the invoice here [link]. If you have any questions, please send us back a message. 

Shipping updates

  1. Your order [order number] has just left our warehouse. That means it will be with you in [days]. Track your order [tracking link]. 
  2. Ding dong! Your order [order number] is on its way. Make sure you are at home when it arrives [tracking link]. Enjoy! 
  3. Your order [order number] has been delivered. Thank you for shopping at [brand]. We hope to see you again soon! 

Product information

  1. Yes! We are thrilled to share our new [product(s)] with you [name]. The newest edition to our [line] is [usp’s]. Discover more [link].
  2. [season] is almost over. It’s time to fill your wardrobe with [products]. Shop our new collection now [link].
  3. You just bought [product]. That would look amazing with [upsell]. Discover the look here [link].
  4. [product] is back in stock! Quickly put it in your shopping cart. It can be hanging in your closet in [number] days! 


  1. Happy shopping! Today you get free shipping on every order and returns are on us. Start browsing right away [link].
  2. The [product] you’ve always wanted? Get the [product] with 15% off. The discount is valid until the [date]. Happy shopping! 
  3. Our new [product(s)] are here! Celebrate the arrival with us. This week you get a discount on every order [link]. 
  4. Sale! Shop all our products with 15% discount. Discover the latest trends for small prices now at [link].
  5. Thank you for becoming a member! As a member of [brand] you get exclusive discounts and free shipping. Do you want to start shopping right away? Use [code] and get 15% off your next order!
  6. Private sale! As a member, you get 15% off our entire [season] collection. Enjoy the discount today [link]. 


  1. Thank you for shopping at [brand]. Do you want to share your experience? We would love to receive your feedback [link]. 
  2. Thank you for shopping at [brand]! Let us know your experience and get a 15% discount on your next order [link].
  3. Are you happy with [product]? Leave a review and get a 15% discount on your next order [link].
  4. How likely are you to recommend [brand] to friends and family? 9 being very likely. Share your experience with us [link]. 


  1. We miss you [name]! That’s why you get a 15% discount on your next order. Happy shopping [link]!
  2. Are you happy with [product]? We’ve got plenty more [products]! Shop our collection with 15% off. Happy shopping! [link]
  3. This [product] matches your style! Browse through our brand new lookbook here [link]. 

Out of office hours 

  1. Thank you for reaching out to us! Currently, we’re closed. At [time] our team is happy to help you again. In the meantime, you can find answers to frequently asked questions here [link].
  2. We’re not in (yet)! At [time] our team is happy to answer any of your questions. Do you want to learn more about [brand]? Go to [link]. 


  1. It’s the busiest time of the year! Our elves are very busy packing all of the gifts. It may take a little bit longer than usual to hear back from us. We’re on our way! 
  2. Happy Easter! Thank you for reaching out to [brand]. Our easter bunnies are on their way to help you as soon as possible! 
  3. Happy new year! Do you want to start the year off great? Buy [brand] with 15% off until midnight. Go to [link]. 

Flight updates

  1. It’s almost time! [flight number] leaves today. Do you want to check the latest status of your flight? Go to [link]. If you have any questions, please let us know. Enjoy your trip!
  2. Your flight to [destination] has changed. The new estimated time is [time]. Check the latest status of your flight at [link]. 

Appointment reminders

  1. This is a friendly reminder of your appointment at [location]. We look forward to seeing you [date and time]. If you have any questions upfront, please feel free to contact us! 
  2. Tomorrow at [time] is your appointment at [location]. You can find us here [directions]. Do you want to reschedule or cancel your appointment? Shoot us a message. 

While waiting…

  1. Thank you for reaching out to [brand]. Our team is grabbing the phone to answer you as soon as possible. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible! 
  2. Thank you for reaching out to [brand]! While you wait, you can browse through our brand-new lookbook [link]. 

Tip: keep in mind, WhatsApp notification template messages need to be approved by Meta. They can have a maximum of 4096 characters, including text, emoji and structured variables. 

Send WhatsApp notification templates with Trengo 

Do you want to use a WhatsApp notification template? We’re more than happy to help you set it up. Trengo is the customer engagement platform that helps you get in touch with customers via the world’s most popular messaging app. 

The 3 biggest benefits of our platform? You get one platform for all your communication channels, you can automate repetitive tasks and you can meet your customers on channels that matter, like WhatsApp. Multichannel communication has never been easier!

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