January 20, 2020

Everything about WhatsApp Business pricing

Luuk Vreeburg

Thanks to the WhatsApp Business API, it is now possible to easily communicate with your clients via WhatsApp. To use the API, you need to connect with WhatsApp via one of their official partners. In this blog, I will explain who those partners are and how the pricing for looks per partner.

We’ll get into the following:

  • What is the pricing for WhatsApp Business?
  • Who are the official partners?
  • How does the API’s interface look?

What are the costs of WhatsApp Business?

The pricing for WhatsApp Business differs per country you are located in. Usually, partners of WhatsApp charge per message. Sending and receiving messages could start as low as $0.005, bulk discounts not included. WhatsApp itself charges a fee that differs per country to send messages.

Costs per WhatsApp Business template Message in USD

The complete pricing list per currency and country can be found here.

First 250K messagesNext 750K messagesNext
2M messages
3M messages
Saudi Arabia$0.0260$0.0248$0.0230$0.0206
South Africa$0.0200$0.0189$0.0173$0.0151
United Arab Emirates$0.0235$0.0230$0.0224$0.0215
United Kingdom$0.0398$0.0389$0.0380$0.0354
North America*$0.0085$0.0083$0.0080$0.0073
Rest of Africa*$0.0576$0.0561$0.0547$0.0504
Rest of Asia Pacific*$0.0505$0.0497$0.0489$0.0464
Rest of Central & Eastern Europe*$0.0619$0.0606$0.0593$0.0555
Rest of Latin America*$0.0515$0.0505$0.0495$0.0466
Rest of Middle East*$0.0514$0.0506$0.0499$0.0476
Rest of Western Europe*$0.0750$0.0738$0.0726$0.0689

Who are the official WhatsApp Business partners?

There are multiple WhatsApp Business partners that offer the API. We have highlighted the most popular ones that integrate with Trengo below.


Twilio is an American cloud communication platform located in San Fransisco, California. In 2018, WhatsApp granted Twilio the official WhatsApp Business partnership that enabled the company to provide the official WhatsApp Business API.

Pricing Twilio WhatsApp Business Message Templates: $0.085 per message

Pricing Twilio CM for customer-initiated conversation: $0.005 per message

Trengo Business partner

Trengo teamed up with one of the WhatsApp Business Partners to offer you the most affordable solution for the API. The pricing consists of registering your number via the Business partner at WhatsApp for €45,- (one-time fee per number) and a €45,- monthly fee to run the number. There are no costs for sending messages and received in a conversation initiated by the customer.

Pricing Trengo business partner WhatsApp Business Message Template: € 0.0715 – per message – available volume discount

Pricing Trengo Business partner for customer-initiated conversation: Free

Number registration: one-time fee of € 45,- per number.

Server costs: € 45,- euro per month per number. 

Read here about what WhatsApp Message templates are.

Interface for the WhatsApp Business API

YouThere are some good existing integrations you can use to communicate via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business portal

Trengo has a partnership with Twilio, Messagebird and the Trengo Business partner. We offer you a complete communication solution for WhatsApp Business. Interested in starting to use WhatsApp on a professional level? Create a free Trengo account for your organization and we will guide you throughout the entire process.

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