5 inspiring examples of Facebook Messenger ads

Sep 15, 2021
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Do you want to start running ads on Facebook Messenger, but is your inspiration hard to find? Relax. đź’† I got you covered with 5 inspiring examples of Facebook Messenger ads.

Facebook Messenger ads are the perfect way to address your target audience. Since your ad will show up in their inbox, they will definitely get notified. All you have to do is choose the right type of ad and create an outstanding design. And that's where this article comes into play.

In this article, I'll cover:

  • What are Facebook Messenger ads?
  • Why you should start using Facebook Messenger ads
  • 5 inspiring examples of Facebook Messenger ads

What are Facebook Messenger ads?

There are two types of Facebook Messenger ads:

  1. Click-to-message Ads
  2. The Sponsored Message Placement

1. Click-to-Message Ads

The "click-to-message" ad is showcased in Facebook's newsfeed and has the primary goal for users to send you a private message. The CTA contains "Send Message" instead of redirecting to an outsourced website or landing page.

Click-to-Message ad Facebook Messenger
Source: Facebook

Besides Facebook Messenger, you can also choose to let users message you through Instagram DM or WhatsApp.

2. The Sponsored Message Placement

The second type of ad is placed directly in Facebook Messenger and shows up as a sponsored message.

Sponsored Message Placement Facebook Messenger ad
Source: Facebook

As you can see in the example above, the ad will pop up in Facebook Messenger showing your brand's name as if it were from a contact. The user can open the message and will then be invited to click on a personalized CTA. It is possible for the user to reply directly as well.

Why you should start using Facebook Messenger Ads

Whether you choose Click-to-Message Ads or Sponsored Message Placement, they share the same benefits.

Facebook Messenger ads are conversational

Most ads drive their target audience to "shop now". But what if prospects still have questions? With a Click-to-Message ad, you encourage users to learn more so it makes it more likely they will reach out.

With the Sponsored Message Placement ad, you already open a conversation in Messenger which invites users to respond to your message.

You instantly gather leads

Facebook profiles are really valuable. When a users response to your Messenger ad, you have insight into the following contact information:

  • First and last name
  • Country
  • Language
  • Timezone
  • Gender

Note: when users click on the CTA to go to Messenger, they first receive a notification that their public information will now be visible for the brand.

Your ads will definitely get noticed

It's simple. In Facebook Messenger, users need to pay attention to your ad. Just like an email in your inbox, you need to see the message to at least clear the notification. And since Facebook feeds are getting more crowded with ads and updates every day, the advantage to stand out is worth taking.

5 Inspiring examples of Facebook Messenger ads

To give you the best inspiration to start your own fancy Facebook campaign, I added Facebook Messenger ads examples of different industries that follow different purposes.

1. Sephora

Sephora is a global leader in prestige beauty retail. They want to encourage customers to visit their stores by offering them an easy way to book makeovers via Facebook Messenger ads.

Let's talk about one of Sephora's most successful campaigns. The goal was to have more customers book a makeover. They did this by running Click-to-Message ads including the CTA button "Book Now". When customers started a chat, a chatbot guided them through the booking process. The result: 5 fewer steps required to book a makeover and an 11% higher booking rate in comparison to their other booking channels.

Source: Facebook

2. Arena animation

Arena Animation is an Indian educational institute. They wanted to encourage more students to register for its courses via Facebook Messenger ads.

Arena Animation tested different lead-generation strategies and ended up gaining great results from Click-to-Message ads. In their ad, they included the CTA button "Apply Now" which redirected students to a pre-filled apply form with contact details from their Facebook profiles. Within a drop-down menu, they could select the preferred course. As a result of this campaign, Arena Animation gained 2X more course enrollments than from previous campaign strategies.

3. Kozel Mistrův Ležák

VelkopopovickĂ˝ Kozel is a Czech beer brand. They boosted ad recall for their new craft beer with a themed game on Facebook Messenger.

Velkopopovický Kozel created a Click-to-Message ad that invited users to play the game on Facebook Messenger. The game could be played among friends, with the ultimate goal to win and get treated on a nice cold beer by the loser. The result? Ad recall increased as did the intent to recommend the beer. 🍻

4. Nestlé Middle East

Food and beverage giant Nestlé created a Facebook Messenger campaign that included a chatbot to keep the brand on top of people’s minds during Ramadan.

Their campaign starts with a Click-to-Message ad inviting users to learn more about Ramadan or get some additional support. When a user clicks on the CTA, Facebook Messenger immediately triggers the chatbot. Users could ask questions across five categories: food ideas, general information about Ramadan, health and wellness, entertainment, and gift ideas. The result: users spend 2.9X more time on Nestlé's website compared to traffic from other Facebook campaigns and 30% of users who interacted with the chatbot subscribed for the recipe section.

Inspired by Nestlé's chatbot? Learn how to integrate a chatbot with Facebook Messenger ads here.

5. NAB Personal banking

National Australia Bank is one of Australia’s largest financial institutions. NAB partnered with Facebook to create a personal and convenient Messenger experience.

Before, NAB had run ads using a "Apply now' CTA that linked to the bank's website. To increase its lending goals, NAB started experimenting with Facebook Messenger. They created a Click-to-Message ad to direct users to a Messenger conversation. Once in Messenger, users connected in real-time to a NAB Business Expert who provided support and offered advice about available lending products. As a result of this campaign, NAB received 6x more leads from Messenger, and 85% of customers were "very satisfied" with their experience.

Start running inspiring ads with Facebook Messenger

These examples are the living proof that —whatever business you have or goals you aspire to— running ads on Facebook Messenger are always a good idea. It gives you the opportunity to be creative, conversational and stand out from your competitors.

Would you like some help keeping your Facebook Messenger conversations up and going? In this blog, I share 10 ready-to-use auto-replies to ads.

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