Selling via Facebook Messenger like a pro

Oct 7, 2021
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Selling through Facebook Messenger is a whole different story than offering service. Customers always know where to find you when they have a question. But if you want to sell, you have to be proactive.

First, you need to invite prospects to start a conversation. And if they do, you need to convince them of buying your product. It requires the right features and scripts to make your sale a success.

Luckily, Facebook Messenger offers just that. For example, you can run Click-to-Message ads that redirect prospects straight to Messenger and use tools like auto-replies to send out sales scripts automatically.

In this blog, I'll tell you more about selling through Facebook Messenger and help you become a pro right away. 💰

Why you should start selling through Facebook Messenger

Let's dive into some numbers. Companies share that Facebook Messenger enables them to:

  • Increase the overall number of customers by 44%
  • Increase their overall sales by 60%
  • Increase app installs by 70%
  • Increase the average order value by 17%

Facebook Messenger is the second most used messaging app worldwide. Already over 40 million businesses are selling their products through the app.

It's the combination of Facebook and Messenger that makes selling through Facebook Messenger a success. See, you can target prospects via Facebook ads, redirect them to Facebook Messenger and start selling your product right then and there. No need to redirect customers to a different app or landing page. The whole customer journey takes place on Facebook Messenger.

How to start selling through Facebook Messenger

The following steps will help you get ready to start selling through Facebook Messenger.

1. Run Facebook Messenger ads

First things first. You have to get noticed to sell your product. You can do this by running one of either two types of Facebook Messenger ads:

  • Click-to-Message ads: Click-to-Message ads are published in the Facebook news feed and include a "Send a Message" CTA button. By clicking this button, it will immediately open a conversation in Messenger.
  • Sponsored Message Placement ads: Sponsored Message Placement ads pop up in Facebook Messenger showing your brand's name as if it were from a contact. When opening the message, the prospect can either click on a personalized CTA or send an instant reply.

Both of these ads are conversational. Click-to-Message ads invite prospects to start a conversation and Sponsored Message Placement ads already open a conversation. From here on, it's up to you to keep the conversation going.

Read this article for 5 inspiring examples of Facebook Messenger ads.

2. Write sales scripts

Now prospects know where to find you, it's time to convert them into customers. You can do this by writing a solid sales script for various situations. Here are some best practices you can take into account:

Don't push it: Write your sales script as if you're doing your prospect a favor. You're here to help.

Keep it short: Short messages are more common on these types of channels. This comes across as more informal and personal, and less salesy.

Give it a human touch: Use emojis to convey emotion and seek interaction.

To help you get started, I've put together a list of 12 Facebook Messenger sales scripts. You can read it here.

3. Start automating

From here on, your Facebook inbox might get a little busy. That's where automation comes into play. You can use automation to, for example, send your sales scripts or quickly answer frequently asked questions.

There are several tools in Facebook Messenger that you can use for working more efficiently:

Quick replies: Answer frequently asked questions in one click using templated messages.

Auto-replies: Use auto-replies to make sure questions are always answered. Even outside of business hours. Check out some auto-replies here for inspiration.

Chatbots: A chatbot can help your team answer frequently asked questions, route conversations to the right team, and even collect leads. Learn how to integrate a chatbot on Facebook Messenger here.

4. Use an omnichannel communication platform

You're almost ready to become a pro. There is one more tool I don't want to hold back from you.

You can make selling through Facebook Messenger even easier with an omnichannel communication platform, like Trengo.

With Trengo, you can:

  • Manage messages from all your communication channels in one platform.
  • Collaborate more efficiently by tagging colleagues in conversations and chatting internally.
  • Increase your response time by using chatbots, auto-, and quick-replies.
  • Improve your sales by analyzing statistics and discovering trends.

Curious how other companies manage their Facebook Messenger conversations in Trengo? Read it here.

Start selling via Facebook Messenger like a pro

Now you know what it takes to start selling through Facebook Messenger, it's time to take action. Do you want to take off with a flying start? Plan a free demo today and explore how our platform can help you become a pro.

If you would like to have more information on how to use Trengo for your sales, you can reach out to our team. We're always happy to help. 😁

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