WhatsApp Business analytics: how to get insights from customer interactions

Sep 15, 2022
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When interacting with customers, businesses need to track critical KPIs that help them determine how they are doing. If you want to be successful, you need to answer the following questions constantly:

  • Are my customers happy?
  • How is my team performing?
  • Can my team handle the current workload?

And so on.

With traditional channels like email and voice, most professionals already have the right tools to measure performance. But with new channels like WhatsApp Business, how do you measure all of these important metrics?

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of analyzing interactions via WhatsApp, how to get insights into your WhatsApp Business analytics and how you can start measuring today.

The benefits of analyzing customer interactions via WhatsApp

Now that WhatsApp has evolved into an important customer communication channel, it’s time to start treating it as one. This means you’ll have to know how you’re performing there. And to measure is to know.

When you analyze your WhatsApp interactions with customers, you’ll learn:

  • If your customers are happy (and if not, how you can solve that)
  • How fast your team is responding to messages
  • How fast your team is resolving issues
  • Which topics are being discussed the most (and if you can automate answering those questions)
  • How many messages your team is handling daily (and if you need to hire extra manpower)

The above metrics give customer service managers the insight they need to improve the service they are offering via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business analytics: how to get started

Google has Google Analytics. But WhatsApp doesn’t have WhatsApp Analytics (yet). The closest you’ll currently get with the WhatsApp Business app is seeing how many conversations you’ve had with customers. So how can you get the in-depth insights you need? With the WhatsApp Business API.

The WhatsApp Business API was built for medium to large-sized businesses. With it, they can manage high-volume customer communication operations via WhatsApp. It enables them to work together as a team, manage WhatsApp together with other communication channels, automate the busywork, and get in-depth insights into performance.

Since the API doesn’t come with its own interface, you can only access it via a customer engagement platform such as Trengo.

How to pick the right WhatsApp Business analytics tool

Now that you know that you need the API, it’s time to find a tool that supports it. There are multiple tools that enable you to use the WhatsApp API, but most of them don’t have the right analytics for you to get the insights you need. Here are some things you can take into account before purchasing a product.

Pick a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

WhatsApp has selected a small number of WhatsApp Business Solution Providers (BSP) across the globe. These platforms can connect businesses to the WhatsApp Business API.

Trengo is an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider. Source: Trengo.

Platforms that are not an official BSP can still promote that they offer the WhatsApp Business API. However, these platforms will offer this via a third party, meaning you will have to pay extra costs.

Don’t fall for that trap and skip the middleman.

Check which metrics you can monitor

Many tools that offer the WhatsApp API have been built to only facilitate communication. This means that the number of metrics you can measure is often limited. Make sure that the platform you choose enables you to monitor the following metrics:

  • CSAT (customer satisfaction)
  • Number of ongoing conversations (inbound, outbound, and internal)
  • Labels (which topics are being discussed)
  • Average response time
  • Average resolution time
  • Average responses until resolution
  • Users report (check performance per agent)
WhatsApp Analytics: a customer satisfaction report
Measure customer satisfaction via WhatsApp. Source: Trengo.

Bottom line: to measure is to know

If you’re (planning on) using WhatsApp Business as a channel to connect with your customers, you’re going to need a WhatsApp analytics tool.

For in-depth insights, sign up for Trengo. We are a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider that can connect you to the WhatsApp Business API in less than minutes. We offer an easy-to-use product, transparent pricing, automation options (such as rules and chatbots), and the ability to monitor all key metrics in a WhatsApp Business dashboard.

Ready for professional WhatsApp analytics? Try Trengo for free for 14 days.

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