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February 24, 2023
Feb 24, 2023

WhatsApp lead generation: the ultimate guide for marketers

Esmee van vliet
Written by
WhatsApp lead generation

Are you a marketer looking for new ways to collect and nurture leads? WhatsApp is the platform you are looking for. It’s the world's most popular messaging app, and the options are endless. Here’s everything you need to know about WhatsApp lead generation.

Why WhatsApp is a strong lead generation channel

Are you thinking about lead generation through WhatsApp? That’s a pretty good choice if you ask us. But don’t just take our word for it, here are some convincing facts about why you should consider the app for WhatsApp leads. 

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world. Over 2 billion people use WhatsApp every month. And wherever you and your customers are on the globe, the chances are high that WhatsApp is also popular in your country. The messaging app is used in over 180 countries. But what does that mean for businesses? 

  • WhatsApp Business has over 50 million users
  • WhatsApp Business speeds up customer service by 225%
  • WhatsApp Business increases sales by 27%
  • WhatsApp Business improves conversion rates by 20%

Interesting, right? 

Sky-high open rates

Another reason why WhatsApp is perfect for lead generation? WhatsApp Business API messages have a 99% open rate.

Grab the results of your last email marketing campaign and compare. My guess is that the open rate for email is significantly lower than WhatsApp. You may wonder, but what happens after people open the message? As a marketer, you always want more. Research shows that the response rate is just less than 50%. That’s a lot. Let that sink in. 

Crush the competition

When it comes down to email marketing, the game has already been played for a long time. Email is old. Some may say email is dead. We simply say that WhatsApp is better and email is very oversaturated.

Did you know that businesses couldn’t even use WhatsApp before 2018? That means that we’re in the early stages of WhatsApp for lead generation. Not every company uses it. Yet. So you can stand out. For consumers, WhatsApp feels familiar, friendly, and accessible. 

Drive sales

Imagine you are searching for a product on a website. You can’t find it. The only way to reach out to the brand is via a form or email. Do you fill in the form or send out the email? If you are under the age of 80, you probably won’t. Nowadays, consumers want an answer right now. When they can’t find the product or ask for help, they’ll simply search somewhere else.

By putting your WhatsApp Business number on your website or social media channels, you actively invite consumers to reach out. And if you answer them quickly, you get to keep and nurture them.

Now you know the benefits of lead generation through WhatsApp. Let’s dive into how you can generate leads and nurture them. 

5 ways to generate leads through WhatsApp

The goal of most marketers is to generate valuable leads. You want people to connect with your brand. You want every lead to be a potential customer. There are multiple ways to generate WhatsApp leads. The first one is to simply put a WhatsApp chat on your website.

1. Use a WhatsApp chat on your website

You probably want to provide fast customer service. Consumers nowadays don’t wait. So if visitors are on your website, you want to help them out if they have a question. With a WhatsApp chat, you can give personalized service and collect leads. Even outside of business hours.

When a visitor reaches out, you can continue the conversation on WhatsApp, even though they have left your website. This gives you more time to respond. Curious about how to use WhatsApp chat on your website? We guide you through the process step by step. 

Tip: Always think about upselling or cross-selling. Show the customer what you have to offer! 

2. Set up a WhatsApp chatbot

There’s a big chance that your customer service team isn’t available 24/7. Your leads on the other hand are. They explore your brand whenever they feel like it. Whether that’s after working hours or during the busiest time of the year. Availability is essential to generate WhatsApp leads. Because if you answer multiple hours or days later, the lead is gone. That’s where WhatsApp chatbots come into play. 

A WhatsApp chatbot can collect leads via WhatsApp when you are not available. A chatbot understands questions by recognizing keywords. And based on the keywords, the chatbot formulates a reply. The more you teach the chatbot, the better it will be at simulating an employee. Chatbots ensure leads always get an answer. Next to that, chatbots can collect personal information and even set up appointments. 

3. Create a WhatsApp QR code

Printed media is still very effective – if you use it wisely. Business cards are exchanged, flyers are still spread and posters are used to promote concerts and parties. What sometimes goes wrong is that there isn’t a clear call to action. What do you want people to do?

If you want an innovative way to collect leads, you can put a WhatsApp QR code on your marketing materials. Encourage people to talk to your brand by asking them a question or inviting them to enter a contest. This will immediately start the conversation between you and the lead. You can make a WhatsApp QR code in less than two minutes.

4. Try out click to WhatsApp ads

Have you tried advertising with the send message button? With click-to-WhatsApp ads, you can directly connect your lead to a customer service agent on WhatsApp. This will get the conversation going. This way, the lead doesn’t have to browse through a long blog or landing page. You invite them to start the conversation right here and now. 

However, one thing is very important here. You want your lead to feel invited to start a conversation. Ask a direct question and show that you have the authority and the answer. Kind of like they are walking towards a sales agent in your brick-and-mortar store. Show your added value! 

5. Use WhatsApp in your email signature

The last way to generate leads through WhatsApp is a click-to-WhatsApp in your email signature. It’s literally as easy as it sounds. Instead of putting your written phone number in your signature, you can place a link and invite people to talk to you directly on WhatsApp. So they immediately start the conversation with you on the app. Make sure it’s a button and the design stands out. 

How to nurture leads through WhatsApp: 2 ways

Now you’ve got buckets full of WhatsApp leads. They might have found your brand via WhatsApp chat, QR codes, ads, or social media. You can now cross off one of your goals as a marketer. The next step is to nurture leads through WhatsApp. Luckily there are multiple ways you can use WhatsApp to nurture leads. We’ll give you 2. 

1. Send out newsletters

Do you remember the whopping 99% open rate we talked about earlier? Use that benefit and send newsletters on WhatsApp to nurture leads. WhatsApp newsletters have a 10 times higher open rate than newsletters via email. You can create a list of leads who have signed up for the newsletter and send them exclusive content. Think about discounts, product samples, or new insights. Did you know you can even create fancy buttons in the message? Find out more about WhatsApp newsletters here

2. Automate WhatsApp Business notifications

Did you know you can send push messages via WhatsApp? A WhatsApp Business notification is a short message that people can reply to individually. The best way to use WhatsApp Business notifications is to share automated information. So you can automatically send the WhatsApp Business notification in the marketing funnel of your lead. Think about a reminder for an appointment or updates about shipping. This way, you keep your leads up to date and allow them to interact with your brand. 

Start WhatsApp lead generation with Trengo

Are you ready for WhatsApp lead generation? To collect and nurture leads, you’ll need to use the WhatsApp Business API. Luckily, Trengo is a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider. That means that we can help you set up your WhatsApp Business API quickly. In our customer engagement platform, you can keep a pulse on customer happiness, automate repetitive tasks and integrate WhatsApp with your e-commerce software. 

Our software can serve as the WhatsApp lead generator you're looking for.

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Esmee van vliet
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