Zendesk pricing, features, & alternative to consider in 2024

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Sep 20, 2022
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Customer support solutions help businesses strengthen customer relationships. All so organizations can provide a great experience for prospects and customers.

But when you search for terms such as “help desk software” online, you’ll find millions of tools that promise lots of customer service capabilities. Zendesk is one of the biggest providers out there.

But what exactly do they offer? When choosing a customer support software it’s important to cross check the pricing to the features. So let’s do that.

In this blog, we take a look at:

  • Zendesk features
  • How do the Zendesk features hold up compared to smart customer engagement platform: Trengo
  • Zendesk pricing vs a similar tool's pricing
  • The best customer tool fit for your organization

Zendesk features

Zendesk was founded in 2007 and is a Danish born company. Even though it's now headquartered in San Francisco, America.

Zendesk provides software-as-a-service (SaaS) and focused on customer support. It enables customer success teams to collaborate efficiently. And all customer interactions across different channels are collected in one overview.

Their key features are:

1. Service

Zendesk's main function is as a customer service software. Where support teams talk to customers by operating a ticketing system. It's possible to set up user profiles for your teams, and assign agents to each ticket, etc. Your support team will be able to answer customers across most channels.

2. Support

A feature of this customer service software is that you can create a help center and brand it with company colors, fonts and logos. Your client success teams can add articles to help their customers find answers to questions.

3. Automation

Zendesk offers various automation options. They for instance have a chatbot that can suggest articles in your help center to customers. However, teams need to navigate between the ticket and chat views, which is easy but can be quite tasking for busy teams who need to be as efficient as possible.

Zendesk has some extensive features that are quite effective but may take some time to implement. And getting used to.

Trengo features

Trengo is a smart customer engagement platform. And offers, just like Zendesk, software that will help you optimize your customer support and service. By combining all communication channels in one overview. You can reach your customers wherever they are, via the channel that they prefer the most.

Here are some of Trengo’s core features:

1. Service through one shared inbox

Smarter than well-known inboxes such as Gmail. Trengo’s inbox combines all customer engagement channels in the same overview. And is easy to navigate for your support team. Just like Zendesk, you can assign tickets to your agents. And they can tag team members in customer chats and assign incoming messages to their teams. Within the same dashboard, you can also switch to team chat and communicate with team members internally.

2. Support

You want to provide your customers with the answers they need. Luckily, it’s possible to create a knowledge base with support articles to help your customers solve their issues fast. Through a user-friendly interface.

3. Automation

You can save money by working efficiently. Simplify your team’s workflow through auto-reply messages, answer with quick replies, or set up chatbots and flowbots. All so you can help more customers in less time!

Trengo knows good customer services. And their features focus on being intuitive and aiding customer support teams in ensuring client success.

Customer support software: pricing plans

When customer support tools offer features that are similiar. You’ll have to take note of other things. How is the company? Will they support you in your needs by offering you great customer service. So you can service your customers. Or do they offer a free trial? So that you can have a look for yourself.

And also not to forget: what does their pricing plan looks like?

Zendesk pricing

With three different support software solutions, Zendesk’s pricing page can be a little overwhelming.

To navigate the page effectively, try to determine what kind of support features you need the most. Zendesk’s three main plans for businesses are: Suite Team, Suite Growth, and Suite Professional.

  • Suite Team: starts at $49 per agent/month. This plan includes a ticketing system. Including email, voice, SMS, and live chat support but limited AI powered automated answers.
  • Suite Growth: starts at $79 per agent/month. This plan includes all features in the Suite Team plan but with higher file storage, advanced API connection limits, self-service customer portal, and customizable ticket layouts.
  • Suite Professional: starts at $99 per agent/month. This plan comprises all features in Suite growth with more extensive capabilities such as advanced automation, private conversation threads, multilingual support, and advanced voice capabilities.

Take note: Each subscription plan charges per agent per month. This means the more agents your team has, the higher your subscription fee will be.

Zendesk pricing for enterprise

With two pricing plans for enterprises starting at $150 and $215 per agent/month, respectively, Zendesk offers more powerful capabilities in addition to features available in other plans.

It’s safe to say that while Zendesk plans have great features, they’re not very affordable. Businesses with five support team members will pay at least $245 in support software with limited functionality such as storage space and automation.

Trengo pricing

Trengo's pricing is straightforward. With a 4.7/5 rating on Capterra, Trengo users are finding the both the customer support tool very helpful and the customer support Trengo itself offers.

Trengo offers three pricing plans based on business needs:

  • Grow: starts at €15 per agent/month. This plan gives access to up to five communication channels, 180 days of message archives and unlimited contacts. You will have access to the team inbox but also the live chat and even the flowbot.
  • Scale: starts at €25 per agent/month. In addition to the features mentioned in Growth you will experience up to 50 channels (!), unlimited contacts and message archives. Scale is the plan picked out the most. And gives access to team chat, API connections (that you need for WhatsApp Business for instance), and chatbots. It also includes features providing customer insights. Such as CSAT, that allows you to measure customer satisfaction through any communication channel.
  • Enterprise: starts at €35 per agent/month. This plan includes all of the features in Scale plus interactive voice response (IVR) menus, two-factor authentication, and unlimited communication channels.

Trengo also allows you to add extra features to your plan of choosing.

For example:

  • WhatsApp Business: this add-on is free for conversations below 1000.
  • Voice: call customers from any location.
  • Screen-sharing: co-browse with website visitors to provide tailored experiences.
  • Flowbots: automate customer conversations on multiple channels and make sure that you can always keep the conversation with customers going.
  • Light agent: collaborate even better with team members internally during customer conversations.

In addition to being affordable, Trengo allows businesses to pay only for what they need. Businesses always have the option to include more features as the company grows. This structure reduces the setup time and allows support teams to focus on tasks that improve a customer’s experience.

What is the best fit for you?

Zendesk and Trengo help you manage customer communication and automate workflows.

If you’re a large organization looking for comprehensive features that can accommodate a large budget, Zendesk pricing won't be daunting. And the customer support software can be a great option.

However, if you’re on the search for an intuitive and modern solution, you can avoid breaking the bank with Trengo.

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