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Evvo increases its revenue by 6% thanks to Trengo

"When we found Trengo we realized that we could save a lot of time and a lot of money."

localisation on every channel
increase in lead generation
increase in team efficiency

If you've ever had to move apartments and had to buy new appliances, you may have come across EVVO HOME. With the goal of bringing high-end appliances to the market at very competitive prices, EVVO knows that e-commerce and good customer service always go hand in hand.

For Cristina, Digital Marketing Specialist at EVVO, as well as for the 20 employees who work there, the customer is always at the centre and it is essential to offer personalised experiences in order to solve each and every query customers have.

The challenge

Questions about the product, incidents, doubts about the shipment... Between 50 and 60 of these types of messages are received daily by EVVO's logistics, technical service and customer service departments (and yes, through various channels).

That's why the company realised that it needed an engagement tool that would help with streamlining all the orders and tickets that were created throughout the day. Including, making it possible to:

  • Respond effectively to customers.
  • Have an omnichannel relationship with the customer through WhatsApp, website or email, among others.
  • Have the possibility of creating customer profiles in order to solve requests fast.
  • Get a quick and easy integration with Shopify (their e-commerce platform).

Automation and profiling, the key to success

Where people can't reach, technology can. And in EVVO's case, Trengo's customer-focused technology, such as the creation of customer profiles that show up next to conversions, makes it super easy for the team to quickly understand the needs of the requests.

"What we use the most are customer profiles, and automated workflows. So whenever a message or an email comes in and, within minutes, the right department is notified and able to respond to that customer."

Similarly, they use automated WhatsApp templates to give a direct response to the user, saving the team time and effort.

Result: time optimisation and increased sales

"When we talk about the benefits of using the Trengo application, it is undoubtedly saving time for our teams. Time is a resource and effectively using those resources means better results."

Using Trengo EVVO was able to:

  • Decrease response time by 50%.
  • Be efficient in communicating with the customer and other departments through each channel.
  • Increased revenue by 5 to 7%.

Streamline your communication with Trengo

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"During high season, we saw a 700% increase in customer inquiries across five different communication channels and were able to handle these with ease because of Trengo”

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