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June 3, 2021

Instagram DM API: now available on Trengo ✨

With the new Instagram Messaging API, you and your team…

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Instagram quick reply examples for business

Top 15 Instagram quick reply examples for businesses

If you manage an Instagram business account, you probably send out…

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instagram dm auto reply

How to set up an Instagram DM auto reply [a quick guide]

In the past years, Instagram has grown into an important customer communication channel for businesses.…

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How to use Instagram with multiple users

How to use one Instagram business account with multiple users

For a while now, it’s been possible to use one Instagram business account with multiple users. The social…

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chatbot for Instagram DM

How to create a chatbot for Instagram DM

Instagram is getting more and more popular among online shoppers. With over…

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How to create a WhatsApp chatbot for your business

A WhatsApp chatbot makes life easier. Not long ago, WhatsApp was only used to…

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customer journey canvas for customer service

Boost your customer service with a customer journey canvas: 5 best practices

Did you know that 74% of Dutch consumers are more likely to order at a webshop after…

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