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June 3, 2021

Instagram DM API: now available on Trengo ✨

With the new Instagram Messaging API, you and your team will be able to manage all…

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Why your customers aren’t coming back after their first purchase

Let’s be honest. Anyone can sell something on the internet these days. You don’t…

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The best live chat solution for multiple websites

If running customer service wasn’t already challenging enough in itself, imagine doing it…

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How to forward WhatsApp messages to email

Knowing how to forward a WhatsApp message to email can be…

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15 life-saving quick reply messages for WhatsApp Business

Want to offer high-quality customer service via WhatsApp Business? Then…

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Customer expectations: 5 things that have changed for e-commerce

Standing in line to return an order or file a complaint are not the typical things your so-called…

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live chat best practice

Boost your support with these 12 live chat best practices

Do you remember the days when your team was mostly busy handling phone calls and emails? Times have…

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