How to write winning Instagram DM sales scripts to close more deals

Sep 16, 2021
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The Wolf of Wall Street, the 2013 blockbuster starring Leonardo Di Caprio, was based on the true story of a brokerage house named Stratton Oakmont.

The company wasn't exactly a textbook example for sales professionals.

Its culture was toxic (to be mild) and they were involved in a large number of frauds. This eventually even lead to the arrest and incarceration of multiple of their executives.

With that being said, what they did do well is understanding the power of a strong sales script.

In the movie, we see how Leonardo Di Caprio (playing founder Jordan Belfort) turns a bunch of hopeless amateurs into top-performing salesmen. All on the strength of his playbook full of over-the-top inspirational articles, hilarious do's and don'ts, and detailed scripts.

The 76-page long playbook is worth a read, if only for a good laugh. Here's a sneak peek of a sales script to convince a family member on how to buy terrible stocks:

Instagram DM sales scripts

One can only imagine what Stratton Oakmont's sales scripts would look like in this day and age.

While their cold calling strategy is still relevant, it would now have to be tailored to new channels. And one of the most important channels in 2021 is Instagram Messaging.

That's why in this article, we'll discuss how to create (perfectly ethical, no worries) Instagram DM sales scripts. So that you can close more deals, increase revenue, and exceed your sales goals.

Why do you need Instagram DM sales scripts?

A good Instagram DM sales script makes it easier to do your job. With one, you always know what to say and what the end goal is.

Here's why you and your team need Instagram DM sales scripts:

1. You'll save time

From the Stratton Oakmont playbook:

I believe in quality over quantity, but if there's a way to maximise quantity without sacrificing quality, you should do it.

A good sales script allows you to only fill in the blanks for personalisation and get more messages out. It's that simple.

In Trengo, you can easily create quick replies that serve as scripts for your entire team to use.

2. You'll never leave out important information

There's nothing more annoying than hanging up a sales call that felt like it went well, only to realise you forgot to ask an important question.

A sales script reduces the possibility of this ever happening.

3. You can improve your messaging over time

When you and your team use scripts, you'll get to collectively try out the exact same messaging for a specific period of time. From that, you'll get feedback, data, and learn what needs to be improved.

If you don't use a script, it's harder to analyse whether your messaging is on point or not — mostly because it is never truly the same.

With multiple scripts, you have the possibility to A/B test and improve over time.

By using Trengo's labels, you can categorise each Instagram Messaging conversation per script and evaluate which scripts garner the best results.

How to create Instagram DM sales scripts

Here's how to create an Instagram DM sales script that works.

Keep it short

This first point is true for cold calling, but even more so for selling via Instagram: Keep. It. Short.

All messaging apps, from WhatsApp to Facebook Messenger and Instagram Messaging, have one thing in common: their users appreciate it when you're straight to the point.

If your message looks like a book paragraph, you'll look out of touch and more Sales focused from the get-go. Instead, keep every message to a maximum of two to three lines.

This means you'll have to make a strong impression fast. In order to do so, use facts and figures and personalisation.

Besides the length of your messages, this also rings true for the length of the conversation. This isn't a phone call, so you may not get to ask as many questions as you may be used to. If needed, plan a follow-up meeting via phone to discuss details that require more conversation.

Know your buyer

From a young age, our parents teach us to know who we're talking to. Everything from your tone to the words you choose changes like the seasons depending on the person in front of you.

Keep the same thing in mind when you're creating your sales script. Do you have different target audiences? Make sure to adjust your messaging accordingly.

Not sure how? Simple. Become part of the communities you are trying to sell to and understand how they talk. Or if you've already sold to them, read or listen back to earlier conversations and take note of the language they use. Don't assume to 'just know'.

Have a clear objective

Before you create a script, make sure to know what it is you're trying to achieve.

Do you want to set an appointment?

Close a sale?

Learn more about your prospect?

Whichever it is, your message should be adjusted accordingly.

Leave room for personalisation

In order to convince your prospect to buy from you, building good rapport is key.

Therefore, robotic sales scripts that read like they could be aimed at any customer from a 30-year old farmer to a 60-year old shoe designer won't get the job done.

"Hey, I really liked your profile" won't cut it either.

Leave room in every script for personalisation, and do a little research on the person you're contacting. Name some of their latest accomplishments, or share an article that you think would be interesting to them based on earlier posts.

Anticipate frequently asked questions

When a prospect replies, chances are big it's going to be with a question.

"How does this feature work? How much for this product? Do you offer discounts?'

The answers will differ per company, but every company has a set of FAQs that the sales team can sum up in their sleep. Still, having to type a reply for each of them is rather time-consuming.

By creating quick replies with answers to these questions, your team can keep the conversation moving in a fast and efficient way.

Don't leave open endings

Make sure both you and your prospect are clear on what the next steps are going to be at the end of your conversation. If possible, set the next appointment right away: "I will send you our catalog later this afternoon. When would you be available for a demo of our product?"

Adopt an omni-channel solution

If your team doesn't have the right software solution in place, it may be tough to do outreach via Instagram.

You're probably active on multiple channels. Phone, email, WhatsApp, and maybe more messaging apps besides Instagram Messaging. You're probably going to be late to messages, simply because it's tough to monitor all those channels individually.

That's why you should use an omnichannel solution. With this, your team can manage all your channels in one view. This makes it possible to do sales via email and Instagram for instance, without having to click back and forth all the time.

Start creating your own Instagram DM sales scripts

If you're looking to use the same sales scripts together with your team, you can simply use the same quick replies inside your omnichannel software. This makes it easier to make edits for the entire team and keep track of results.

Good luck!

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