Boosting customer service: how teams thrive with Trengo

Customer service
Dec 7, 2021
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Providing above-average customer service is more challenging than ever. Today's customers expect high-level service that is completely tailored to their needs. As a business, you need to be available 24/7, reply fast, offer self-service options, and most of all: make your customer feel appreciated.

And with the ever-increasing workload, businesses need to work smarter (not harder) to exceed those expectations.

Meet Trengo

Trengo is a new way to delight your customers. Our platform enables your team to offer a seamless customer experience on all your channels. Manage all your conversations in one view, automate the busywork, integrate important apps, provide self-service, and monitor your team's performance. All in one place.

Below, I'll cover why you should consider switching to Trengo.

One platform for all your communication

Customers want to be able to reach you on their favorite channels. With a wide variety of channels, it can be challenging for teams to manage them efficiently. Because of this, messages get overlooked or customers have to wait too long to get a reply.

In Trengo, you can manage all your communication channels in one platform. From email, live chat, and phone to WhatsApp Business, Instagram Messaging, and Facebook Messenger. This enables businesses to be active on all their customer's favorite channels, without feeling all over the place.

Trengo's omnichannel inbox

Teams can easily work together on answering customers. Not by switching to external apps, but by @tagging each other within chat threads. This enables teams to quickly solve their customers' issues.

Customer story: learn how Ferryscanner manages WhatsApp, Facebook, email, live chat, and Google's Business Messages in Trengo.

Reply faster with automation

If customers value anything, it's time. When they ask a question, they expect you to reply within minutes. And when you do, they want you to take your time to help them sufficiently. No matter how complex their issue is.

Trengo helps your team make time. By using automation, you spend less time on busywork and more on quality time with your customer.


You can set rules to automate repetitive tasks, such as:

  • Labeling conversations
  • Assigning conversations to colleagues
  • Inform customers during peak hours
  • Measure customer satisfaction
An example of a rule in Trengo
With this rule, every message that contains the word 'orders' is assigned to Anna Davis.


With a chatbot, you can automatically answer frequently asked questions like:

  • "What are your business hours?"
  • "What's your return policy?"
  • "Can I get a discount?"
An example of a chatbot conversation in Trengo.
An example of a chatbot conversation in Trengo.

Bots also collect leads while forwarding questions that are too difficult to answer to a human colleague. This way, the bot will never frustrate your customers.

Quick replies and auto-replies

Another way to answer frequently asked questions efficiently is by using quick replies. These standardized answers can be used on channels like email, live chat, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

An example of a quick reply in Trengo.
Answer frequently asked questions with the click of a mouse by using quick replies.

When you are being contacted during a busy period or outside of business hours, you may not always be able to reply right away. In this case, you can set up an auto-reply. This can be set for multiple channels like email, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.

An example of an auto-reply in Trengo.
Always respond instantly with an auto-reply.

Customer story: learn how Betersport successfully scaled customer service with a bot and quick replies

All your apps are within arm's reach

When communicating with customers, you often need to access other apps to help them sufficiently. Without the right integrations, you'll find yourself clicking back and forth between Trengo, your webshop software, stock management software, or CRM system.

That's why you can integrate apps like Shopify, Lightspeed, Magento, Zapier, Pipedrive, and more. This helps you to create an experience without friction for both your customers and your own team.

All your apps are within arm's reach

Customer story: With Lightspeed and Picqer integrations, Volero can access order and shipping details in Trengo

Provide self-service with a Help Center

It's the information age. No matter what your question is, if you type it into a search engine, you'll most likely get some type of answer. Many customers prefer to try this method first, before reaching out to a customer service employee.

With a Help Center, you enable customers to help themselves. Simply create articles around recurring topics, and make the Help Center accessible on your website or even in your live chat widget.

Help Center
Create Help Center articles for different categories.

Monitor performance with analytics

With CSAT (Customer Satisfaction), you can measure how your customers feel about the overall experience they had with your brand. By creating your own surveys, you can collect qualitative feedback from your customers.

An example of a CSAT report in Trengo.
Get direct qualitative feedback from your customers by sending out CSAT surveys.

With other reports in Trengo, you can monitor the average response time, busiest times of the day, and how many conversations your team has on a daily basis.

Put your customers first with Trengo

Customers are demanding and time is scarce. With Trengo, win back time to deliver quality service across the entire customer journey.

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