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Faster answer for customers, fewer questions for the team

image_searchCustomers can help themselves with related articales
inputUpload a logo, choose a color and give 24/7 insights in related articles for customers
important_devicesReceive feedback from customers and change or create additional content

Help is always available

Knowlegde base to help your visitor directly

One place where customers can easily find the answers to frequently asked questions at any time of the day. Using our powerful Help Center this can be done without the need of available support employees. 

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Real-time and powerful search

Articles found in no time

The Help Center uses realtime search technologies, making it even more easy for customers to find the right answers: just type what you want to ask instead of browsing though many different articles. This way the customer can find their own answers even outside the business hours, relieving the workload of customer service employees. 

Setup in a few steps

Rapidly build your Help Center or intranet

It is possible to create a Help Center in just a few steps; there is no knowledge of HTML or code required! Create categories and sections or write articles to create an overview for customers that require information. Make use of icons to highlight a category an make it recognizable for customers or employees. 

User-friendly CMS

Easily create and manage articles

Write and publish articles in just a few steps, even multi-lingual. This way a Help Center can be introduced to customers all over the world. Besides it is possible to add images, GIFs or videos to the articles, providing your customers with an even better explanation. 

Help Center possibilities

Everything to directly answer the visitor without an the help of an agent

extension  Self-service

Customers find the answers to frequently asked questions 24/7.

language  Multi-language

Easy to set up in multiple languages.

list  Structured

Categories and sections provide a clear overview.

vpn_key  Password protected

Add a password to the Help Center for internal use.

add_photo_alternate  Images, GIFs and videos

Strenght a story by using images, GIFS and videos.

call_made  Built your own view

A well-arranged layout with variable blocks that can be linked to external pages as well. 

import_export  Drag & drop

Drag blocks and items to the right place and in the right order.

chat_bubble_outline  Extra features

Easily add Google Analytics or the Trengo Widget to the Help Center.

Your own style

Seamlessly connect the Help Center

Decide the colour and layout of the Help Center easily, making use of a great homepage with buttons than can direct to external pages. Place the Help Center on the organisation's own domain / URL with an easy DNS-setting and make use of Javascript or CSS-codes to further adapt the Help Center to your corporate identity. 

Let customers give feedback

Know which article works and which doesn't through feedback

With the use of three buttons the customer can leave feedback on the articles. Did an article provide them with the right answers? All the feedback will be noted within the settings of the Help Center, providing you with information upon the value of the articles. Easily know if an article requires an update or a little more information to better help your customers for example. Link the organisation with Google Analytics to gather even more information. 

Works perfectly as intranet as well

Exchange information internally

Protect the Help Center with a password to use it internally easily. Use it to share processes, software usage or other information with your employees. With an internal knowledge center all the information is easily covered. 

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