This is how to use WhatsApp Business with a landline number

Jan 28, 2022
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Many businesses can be reached on a landline number. If, as a company, you also want to be reachable on WhatsApp, it is better to use the same number for that. It is more convenient for the customer. In this article, I will explain how to make this happen.

How do I link a landline number to my WhatsApp Business account?

1. Download the WhatsApp Business app

First of all, download the business version of WhatsApp: WhatsApp Business. You can download it on Android and iOS devices via the Play Store and App Store.

WhatsApp Business in de app store.

2. Use a different number

When opening the app, you are immediately asked if you want to use your device's phone number. If you want to use a fixed number, choose 'Use a different number' at the bottom of the screen.

Klik op 'gebruik ander nummer' om WhatsApp Business met een vast nummer te gebruiken.

3. Fill in your number

Now it's time to enter your phone number. You will be asked to confirm this number. Click 'Yes' to do so.

Voer je vaste nummer in.

4. Enter the verification code

WhatsApp is now trying to send you a verification code by SMS. But of course, you cannot receive an SMS on your landline number. Therefore, click 'Call Me'. You will be called with the code. Then enter it.

Voer de verificatiecode in.

Nice! 🎉

It worked! You are now all set to use WhatsApp Business with your landline number.

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WhatsApp Business for teams

The WhatsApp Business app is specially designed for small businesses. It allows you to use the app with up to four users. For larger businesses, WhatsApp has created the WhatsApp Business API. The API does not have its own interface needs to be linked to a customer service platform like Trengo.

Manage WhatsApp Business with multiple users

The WhatsApp Business API allows teams with an unlimited number of users to manage WhatsApp conversations through a single number. For example, in Trengo you can assign incoming calls to a colleague, use a round-robin rule to divide the number of calls fairly, and in the middle of conversations with customers, ask your colleagues for help.

Ask colleagues for help without switching to another tool.

If you have a business with multiple shop locations, Trengo still allows you to offer one WhatsApp number. The location finder ensures that customers always get in touch with the right shop location.

Place a WhatsApp chat on your website

With Trengo, you can easily add a WhatsApp chat to your website. This way, website visitors can easily ask a question while shopping online. When they leave the website, the conversation can simply continue on WhatsApp.

Manage all your channels in one overview

In Trengo, you can manage all your communication channels like WhatsApp, e-mail, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and telephony in one overview. This way, you don't have to keep clicking back and forth between channels. This makes it easier to keep an overview of all communication and the performance of your customer-facing teams.

Customer story: Betersport manages WhatsApp, email, Facebook and telephony in Trengo.

Automate repetitive tasks

With the WhatsApp Business app, you can use quick replies, but you can't automate much more. With many daily calls, this can become a problem.

Using the WhatsApp Business API in Trengo, you can build your own no-code chatbot. A bot can answer frequently asked questions, collect leads and refer customers to the right employee.

Customer story: BAS World's WhatsApp bot collects leads in as many as 13 languages:

In addition, you can set up rules in Trengo. These automate manual tasks. For example, you can automatically label messages with the word 'return' and assign them to the right department.

Take your customer communication to the next level

You can use WhatsApp Business with your landline number through the regular app. However, the WhatsApp Business API makes it even easier to provide a good customer experience through the app. You can try the API via Trengo for a fortnight completely free of charge.

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