Jingle all the way: Top customer service tips for Christmas

Customer service
Sep 12, 2023
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With the Christmas holiday season rapidly approaching, there's a good chance you're already humming carols while setting up those festive promos. But here’s a wake-up call: It's not just about the sales and discounts. Your customer service team needs some serious prepping too.

Did you know 40% of shoppers start buying Christmas presents before the end of October? Yes, that means an avalanche of customer queries and issues is coming your way. Don't hit the panic button just yet. We've got your back with the best tips to ensure your customer service team is as ready as Rudolph leading Santa’s sleigh. So, let's dive in.

Manage customer expectations with fast and transparent responses

Alright, let's keep it real. No one likes to be left hanging, especially customers waiting on a reply. And when it comes to the holiday rush? Oh boy, the anxiety doubles! So, it's not just about speedy answers. It's about letting them know, "Hey, here's when you can expect to hear back from us."

Keeping customers updated on your team's availability and potential wait times due to high inquiry volumes is key. By doing so, they're aware of when to expect support. This also allows your agents to handle each query efficiently without feeling overwhelmed.

Platforms like WhatsApp Business offer features like auto-replies, which can be indispensable during Christmas. With the WhatsApp auto-reply feature, you can set up an ‘away message’ for when you’re not available or online on WhatsApp Business. This way, you’ll be able to communicate response times clearly during the peak times. Customers appreciate knowing exactly when they can expect a response from you. Such transparency helps you build a trusting relationship.

Check out this WhatsApp auto-reply example:

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Make it easy for customers to self-serve

Customers want to find the answer to their questions as quickly as possible, without having to rely on an agent. Now, with Christmas just around the corner, here's your golden chance – boost your FAQs page and Help Center.

When customers can find solutions on their own, it not only boosts their confidence in your brand but also eases the load on your service team.

Did you know that you can create your own help center in Trengo? It's a great way to ease the burden on your customer support team and save them time. You can create articles on frequently asked questions and make the Help Center accessible on your website or in your website widget.

Adjust your live chat greetings with Christmas deals

Live chat greetings make you 24/7 available, increasing your overall customer experience. But they can also increase your conversion rates with special discounts.

Christmas is the most magical time of the year, it's the perfect time to reach out to visitors with special discounts. So, why not update your live chat greeting messages with Christmas deals?

When a visitor opens the live chat on your website, you can impress them with exciting deals. This season can bring you lots of new customers, so don’t miss this opportunity. Check out the example below:

Automate, automate, automate

Most customers ask the same questions during the holidays. Rather than manually answering repetitive questions, you can rely on automation.

Thanks to flowbots customers don’t have to wait for responses from live agents; they get immediate responses to their inquiries. In Trengo, you can create your own flowbot and teach it everything it needs to know.

Flowbot helps you find the information your customers need quickly and easily. The bot will ask them a few simple multiple-choice questions to understand what they're looking for. Once they've chosen their option, it'll provide the requested info right in the chat. It's that simple.

Check out frequently asked questions last year during Christmas. Are they about shipping, cancellations or returns? Then simply fill in the questions and add the right answers to the bot. The more variations of a question you provide, the smarter it becomes and the more accurate its answers will be.

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Wrapping Up 🎁

The holiday season might be hectic, but it's also the most wonderful time of the year. With the right preparations, you can ensure smooth sailing (or sleighing?) for your customer service team and your customers alike. So, deck those halls and prep your team. Here’s to a jolly and customer-friendly Christmas!

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